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David, Chana and Yoav Wish You a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year. Shana Tova U’mitukah!


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List Deal! Save $400 off the L.A. Jewish Journal Email List Now!

Rent the L.A. Jewish Journal email list for an early Rosh Hashana marketing campaign for $80o! That’s $400 off the regular rate of $1,200!

This offer is for a limited time only.JewishJournal Logo

As of this moment, the open dates include:

  • · 8/24
  • · 8/25
  • · 8/27
  • · 8/28
  • · 8/31


  • · Dimensions: maximum size 600 x 900 pixels
  • · Specifications: JPG or TIFF file format
  • · URL: Up to you
  • · Creative Deadline: Three business days prior to start date
  • · This offer is available until the space is filled

This offer is time sensitive and available until filled.

If interested email or call Negev Direct Marketing at 646-201-4080.

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New List: Negev Direct Jewish Demographic Database – U.S. Cell Phones

297,000+ cell phone numbers of potential Jewish donors, buyers and subscribers in the U.S..

Need to reach your target audience on the phone they’re around the most? This list gives you access to cell phones, the phone people carry with them for a good part of each day.

*Please check how the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations apply to or affect your client.

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WETA in DC is looking for a data-geek to join their team

WETA, the flagship public broadcasting station in DC is looking for a data-geek to join their team. If you’re interested/know someone DM me.


Manager, Data Strategy & Management (DSM): WETA, Washington DC’s leading public broadcasting station, is looking for an all-star fundraising database manager. Experienced in working with fundraising database(s), the Manager will partner closely with WETA’s fundraising teams to understanimagesd and solve their data challenges and meet their data needs.
The successful Manager of DSM is a whiz at extracting and analyzing data from complex relational databases, writing queries using Oracle PL /SQL 12, and working with non-technical staff to resolve data irregularities.
Send your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to or visit our website at for the full job description and on-line application. To confirm that a WETA or PBS NewsHour job posting is under recruitment, please visit our websites for our current job postings list: and
WETA is an Equal Opportunity Employer D/M/F/V.

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Limited Time Sale on the Times of Israel Email List!

This month and next month only!

  1. Rent 70,0index00 emails from the Times of Israel email list through Negev Direct Marketing for $900/F – that’s 50% off the normal rate!

Contact Yoav Kaufman, VP of Digital Media via email or call us at 646-201-4080 for details.



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Guest Post by Jim Gilbert and some commentary by @yoavkaufman “Direct Mail’s Death Rumors are Greatly Exaggerated (but by whom?)”

I’ve been following Jim Gilbert of Gilbert Direct @gilbertdirect  on Twitter for some time. His latest article caught my eye since it’s a question in the back of my mind and I think one that’s on many peoples radar.

The topic is direct mail and more specifically, the lifespan of direct mail.

Let’s be honest, direct mail is a dinosaur in the world of marketing and fundraising. It’s been around forever and although it changes and adapts, it’s still the senior member of many companies marketing campaigns. Being senior has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Being tried and tested means one knows the craft and has been around the block and back and lived to tell about it. A disadvantage is that at every move you have people guessing when will be the last game you’ll play.

I’ve been in the direct mail business for 10 years or so and the view from my desk shows little slow down. Business may have peaked in 2007 or so, but mailers are back now that the economy has taken a turn for the better.

Personally, I don’t see direct mail disappearing any time soon unless we see some radical change. If the U.S. post office shuts down or postage triples in cost overnight (which may be both actual possibilities some time in the future!) then we’ll see a big shift. Also, when my kids get to be my age in another 35 years, it’ll be interesting to see how direct mail plays into the marketing scheme of things since my kids and many their age were raised on iPads, not handwritten letters.

Here’s the full article by Jim he calls “Direct Mail’s Death Rumors are Greatly Exaggerated (but by whom?)”1813f8a

I’m not a big fan of naysayers. Often times they have an agenda. For example, digital and internet marketers have cast a massive shadow of impending doom on the direct mail industry. Why? Simple: They don’t benefit from the competition.
Recently, direct mail, and for the most part direct marketing, has been positioned as old-school, obsolete, “doesn’t work” and just plain bad. When asked, digital marketers will tell you direct mail is dead. It’s when people with no mail experience get into the bashing that I get worried.Yes, I know, direct mail already has a reputation as junk mail.

But, can’t we all just get along? Actually, no.

“Every time I turn around, there’s a new name and/or affront to direct mail. First it was push marketing. (We were being too pushy!) Then it was outbound marketing. (“They” coined the phrase “inbound marketing.”) The term I hear all the time these days that makes my blood boil is “intrusion” marketing.”

“Who creates these monikers? It’s the marketers of course!”

“And while referring to direct marketers as intrusion marketers, they’ve named themselves “attraction” marketers. Let’s attract; let’s start a conversation; let’s communicate. Oh please!”

So let me set the record straight for those who proffer the garbage that direct mail intrudes.

Consider the following:

1. Direct mail isn’t going to die anytime soon. Direct mail marketers will evolve, survive and thrive. By taking advantage of personalization and the multitude of tools online, direct marketers’ response rates will increase and targeting will get even better. Direct mail is still the most highly targetable media around. There are thousands of list on the market both consumer and B2B with endless selections and possibilities for drilling into the data for precise targeting. There are coops like I-Behavior and Abacus that allow for very tight predictive modeling for prospecting as well. And then there is mailing to your own company’s house file. I do that regularly. A diet postcard I mailed a while back generated about $200,000 in revenue on costs of $4,000…. that’s a 50:1 ROI folks…. and it’s not something that is an exception to the rule either.

2. If your goal is to be relevant, direct mail delivers. Direct marketers don’t want to mail to people who don’t want to receive their offers. And those consumers who don’t want to receive catalogs/direct mail can turn to suppression services such as Catalog Choice and the Direct Marketing Association’s mail preference service to opt out. All mailers can use those files as suppression files before mailing so as not to reach someone not wanting to be mailed.

3. All of us so-called “intrusion” marketers set the rules for direct marketing and internet marketing. We created a medium that’s all about measurement and metrics. Direct marketers are responsible for the tools that differentiate themselves from those dot-bomb sock puppet marketers, so why are they dissing you?

4. You’d think there’s room for all types of media in today’s marketing mix. Direct marketers don’t bad-mouth pull marketing. They embrace it, use it, measure it — and if it works, roll out with it. They’re driven purely by return on investment. If it works, they love it.

5. It still works. Direct marketers have taken big hits on paper and postage rates, the economy, even anthrax in the last decades, but they continue to soldier on. The truth is, they still get response and ROI. If not, they’d stop mailing. Consumers still buy via the mail, and will continue to do so.

The bottom line: Don’t buy into the self-fulfilling prophesy that direct mail is a dead medium. It ain’t! My clients are seeing good to excellent results in the mail. Just follow the principles of direct marketing and you’ll succeed.

Please note: This article originally ran for Retail Online Integration Magazine where I have a regular column.

Jim Gilbert is president of Gilbert Direct Marketing Inc., a full-service catalog, direct marketing and social media agency. His LinkedIn profile can be viewed at You can email him, follow him on Twitter at

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As of Today, We’ve Been Blogging for 7 Years!

The Jewish Donor Blog has now existed for 7 whole years! Jan. 2008 – Jan. 2015.

625 posts, so many views and clicks from our awesome readers and we’re still going!

BTW, how old is 7 years in blog years? Aren’t blog years like dog years?

Thank you!



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Featured Cause: Mifalot, From Rockets to Soccer: It’s Time to Play

Please give to this amazing cause today!

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Shana Tova U’Mitukah to you from Negev Direct Marketing, Inc.



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Featured KICKSTARTER Campaign – Zip Up For Special Needs

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Case Study: Direct Mail vs. Email Invoices

Case Study: Direct Mail vs. Email Invoices.

AInvoicen electric utility used the Danish Post test methodology to prove that it would be paid faster and at less expense using paper invoices rather than digital invoices.

“Certainly one can’t beat the price of sending invoices by email. At least it appears that way, until one captures all the real costs of doing so.”

“When testing the letter versus email question, a Danish utility company was quite enlightened by the outcome. This Fresh Data Case Study will analyze the true costs of both options and present the quantitative results outlining which is really the most cost effective method. Possible spoiler alert, the results may surprise you.”

“The bottom line is that it cost the company $3.25 per customer to get paid by paper invoice and $5.75 per customer billed by email. That’s a difference of 42.8%.”

“Naturally, questions remain about the transferability of this experiment to other markets. For example, direct mail is pricey in Denmark. Each of those invoices cost Kr6 in postage, which is $1.06! But which way does that cut? Doesn’t it make the case even stronger in the US market where the invoice can go for under $.45, perhaps $.75 all in?”

Full article link:


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Israel – Operation Protective Edge


Treatment of Civilians in Operation Protective Edge: Israel and Hamas

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The Rolling Stones Played Tel Aviv – Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones played Tel Aviv the other night!

So much for the BDSers and their BS. The Stones do seem a beat or two off from their youth judging from this video clip, but it’s great to see them in Israel especially when they encountered so much criticism for this show.

I even even heard that Mick Jager peppered his banter with the crowd with a bunch of Hebrew phrases. Sababa….

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R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou

Final tweet (5/23) from :

“Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.”

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Israel Turns 66 – Yom Ha’azmaut – Israel Independence Day 2014

Today Israel turns 66! Only one more year until she retires… just kidding.

Israel smelled like one big al ha aish (barbeque) today. We saw a fireworks show at night as did most of the country. IDF planes soared over most of Israel today in a show of unity. Parents tried their best not to buy our kids overpriced glow in the dark toys, sugary stuff and that stupid foam that kids spray on people that is somehow supposed to be fun.


What a stark contrast to the day before which with Yom Hazikaron where we remembered Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror.

For a laugh go check out the very funny Benji Lovitt’s “66 More Things I Love About Israel” to honor Israel on her birthday today.

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Yom Hazikaron – Israel Remberance Day for Fallen Soldiers 2014

Yom Hazikaron 2014 - Israel Remembrance Day 2014

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Holocaust Remeberrance Day 2014

Tomorrow when we hear the siren to mark the remembrance of the Holocaust here in Israel I’ll know how blessed my biological dad and his parents were to be in the 25% of Dutch Jews that survived the Holocaust. They went through hell just to get through those tough times and If you think about it, I’m super lucky and very blessed just to be alive. I’ll never forget, that’s for sure.

Yoav Kaufman

VP – Online Media

Negev Direct Marketing, Inc.

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Pesach 2014


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The Negev Brewery

Another product of the Negev region of Israel. This may be one of my favorites!

“In addition to the hotel exclusive and several seasonal brews, the brewery offers four beers that are always available: Amber Ale, Oasis, Passion Fruit Ale and Oak Porter. They range in taste from the light, orangey flavor of the Oasis beer, which recently replaced the Amber Ale as the most popular choice, to the porter’s darker earthiness. The passion fruit beer is the only one its makers know of in Israel that features the easily found local fruit.”

Source: In the Negev, a 2,000 shekel beer and other brews | The Times of Israel

Follow: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook

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“We’ve turned the Negev and Beersheva into the Eastern Hemisphere’s cyber capital.”


Event: Negev Conference in Sderot 2014

“We have turned the Negev and Beersheva into the cyber capital of the Eastern Hemisphere,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech to the Sixth Negev Conference in Sderot. “We are in the midst of a revolution that is turning the Negev into a thriving center, not a periphery or branch, into a bustling center of Israel.”

“I tell young men and women, ‘Go to the Negev,’ because the Negev is rising,” said Netanyahu in listing the government’s steps to develop the region. “We have invested more than NIS 10 billion in transportation infrastructures,” adding that jobs are coming to Beersheva as it becomes a global cyber center and the IDF Training Base City is built. Netanyahu also said, “In the wake of Operation Pillar of Defense, quiet – of a kind unknown in a decade – has prevailed here. There will be no trickle of rockets. My policy is clear: any firing of rockets will be met with an immediate and sharp response.”

Link to full article:

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