Catastrophic Flood Damage that Hit Jewish Communities

Hurricane Harvey may be one of the most unforgettable recent disaster for the Jewish Community in Houston, Texas. The community was among the hardest hit, and the flood damage was catastrophic. published news reports on how the Jewish community had been affected by the Category 4 Hurricane, and how relief efforts have been pouring in on the flood-damaged community.

Catastrophic Flood Damage that Hit Jewish Communities
Flood damage brought about by Hurricane Harvey. (Photo Credits)

“As the waters continue to rise, families have taken to putting life jackets on their children to ensure that they will stay safe in an evacuation. At least one Jewish community member was reportedly stuck in his car overnight. In the Bellaire neighborhood of Houston, Rabbi Yossi Zaklikofsky, co-director of The Shul of Bellaire with his wife, Esty, reports that many homes are now flooded, including those that have never flooded before. The rabbi says his first floor is covered with nearly three inches of water, and that he and his family, including five children under the age of 10, have moved to the second floor of their home.”

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Pouring Rains, Pouring Help

Along with the pouring rains came outpouring relief and support from the non-affected Jewish Communities. The Times of Israel chronicled the relief effort that took place, even as the hurricane continued to ravage the Jewish communities.

“The Union for Reform Judaism’s Green Family Camp in Bruceville, Texas, announced Monday in a Facebook post that it would be opening up to accept former campers, congregants and friends affected by the storm. The post said the camp could provide housing, food, air conditioning, internet and electricity “for a limited time. Meanwhile, Chabad-Lubavitch of Texas is coordinating truckloads of kosher food to be sent to the area and will set up a kosher food pantry available to the Jewish community as supplies reach the area.”

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Flood-Damaged Homes, Flood-Displaced Families

International aid from Jewish Organizations all over the world also came in. This as Jewish families in Houston sustained the damage Hurricane Harvey caused. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency came up with a report on this.

“IsraAID, an Israeli-based humanitarian aid agency that responds to emergency crises and engages in international development around the world, said in a tweet Monday that it was coordinating with governmental and nongovernmental first responders and that  its emergency teams continue to prepare for deployment. It sent seven members to Houston on Tuesday, who were set to join three others who already were in the United States when the hurricane hit.”

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The Jewish community may be badly hit by storm damage, but aid and relief is immediately on hand.

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