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List Deal! Save $400 off the L.A. Jewish Journal Email List Now!

Rent the L.A. Jewish Journal email list for an early Rosh Hashana marketing campaign for $80o! That’s $400 off the regular rate of $1,200!

This offer is for a limited time only.JewishJournal Logo

As of this moment, the open dates include:

  • · 8/24
  • · 8/25
  • · 8/27
  • · 8/28
  • · 8/31


  • · Dimensions: maximum size 600 x 900 pixels
  • · Specifications: JPG or TIFF file format
  • · URL: Up to you
  • · Creative Deadline: Three business days prior to start date
  • · This offer is available until the space is filled

This offer is time sensitive and available until filled.

If interested email or call Negev Direct Marketing at 646-201-4080.

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The Printing Press: Nike Style (Nike Sunar: Just Do It — Hareket Matbaası)

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