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Salons for the Savvy Organization

Today’s eJewish Philanthropy features an article by Susan Weidman Schneider, one of Lilith Magazines founders, on the concept on Salons.

She writes…Salons, popular among intellectually curious and avant-garde Jewish women from the eighteenth century onward, are re-appearing in the 21st century as an opportunity for thoughtful women to get together to mull over some of the most exciting thinking of the day. Lilith Magazine has created contemporary salons where ideas hatch and are nurtured, places where small groups of women meet for informal discussions. Salon conversations can pull in women of all ages to talk and act on many progressive fronts – reproductive freedoms, diversity in Jewish families, rights for Israeli women, and much more.

Are salons right for your organization? Read the full article here.

Both Lilith Magazine and the National Council of Jewish Women (mentioned in the article) are long-time clients of Negev Direct Marketing and we support their fine work.


Chabad In Japan

If anyone would like to donate money to Japan, our Chabad friends in Tokyo finally found time to put a donation site up.
We have known Rabbi Senderovic for years. We’ve traveled to Japan several times and can personally recommend him for his good work with the Jewish community in Japan as well as with the Japanese public in general.

Israel First to Set Up Field Hospital In Japan

This is a photograph of   Minami-sanriko, a fishing village in Northern Japan.
Or what’s left of it.
It’s now the site of the first foreign field hospital set up to aid the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami

While we like any connection between Israel and Japan, this one makes us especially proud.

Israel is also providing tons of aid assistance – including mattresses, blankets, coats, gloves and chemical toilets.

Get the details on this story at The Jerusalem Post.


How you can help Japan earthquake relief, right now

“Here are some of the organizations accepting donations”:
  • Convoy of Hope. The organization’s disaster response team is currently working with in-country partners affected by the damage to identify those needs that Convoy can satisfy most effectively. Text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10 to Convoy or visit the Convoy website to donate.
  • American Red Cross. You can donate $10 to support Red Cross earthquake relief efforts byvisiting the Red Cross website or texting REDCROSS to 90999.
  • International Medical Corps. The medical relief group is also coordinating its efforts to send medical aid teams to affected areas with partner organizations in Japan. Text MED to 80888 to donate $10 to the IMC or donate online.
  • Save the Children is accepting donations to its Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund. “We are extremely concerned for the welfare of children and their families who have been affected by the disaster. We stand ready to meet the needs of children who are always the most vulnerable in a disaster,” the organization says in a statement on its donation website.
  • has created a Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund that will distribute money to several organizations working to provide assistance to stricken areas in Japan.
  • World Vision is addding Japanese earthquake and tsunami aid for children to its already lengthy list of projects supported by its Disaster Response Fund.
  • Shelterbox, a relief organization based in the UK with 18 international affiliates, is mobilizing to deliver its emergency-shelter-in-a-box kits to areas hit by the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. You can donate any amount towards the cost of a box ($1,000 covers the entire cost of one box) at its website. (This link takes you to the USA affiliate site; to reach affiliate sites in other countries, use this link.)

Full original post here:
How you can help Japan earthquake relief, right now

Happy International Women’s Day – Interview with Widney Brown

Source: AmnestyInternational Youtube channel.

“One hundred years ago, more than a million people marched in streets across Europe on the first International Women’s Day, calling for an end to discrimination and for women to have the same rights as men to work, vote and shape the future of their countries.”

DoGooder Awards Promo 2011

YouTube’s annual non-profit video award contest. The Case Foundation will give $2,500 grants to the winners of the four categories.

Is This Really the Israel You Know? Israel As a House…

Via: Dan Elbaum, AJC regional Director, Chicago, IL.
“Please take a moment to watch this video about AJC’s Project Interchange and the important work we do to bring decision makers from around the world to Israel!”

Salvador Dali, Zionist

Who knew?

In 1968 Dali produced a limited edition set of 25 colored lithographs to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. The title piece of the suite, reproduced here, was also made into a fine art poster.

One of the copies will on display at the Hillel at Emory University in March. Negev Direct is proud to be the exclusive list manager and broker for the Hillel Foundation.

Read a detailed report on the exhibit by our friends at E Jewish Philanthropy.


Goings On About Town

If it works as a column for The New Yorker, it can work for Negev Direct and Beersheva.

So here’s something that happened today, both in and near Beersheva. Ben Gurion University is located in the city and Netzarim air base is just outside.

The 161st Flight School graduation ceremony took place last week in which the new Israeli Air Force pilots earned their ‘wings’ and a bachelor’s degree from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 
The IAF Flight School is widely considered to be the most prestigious and challenging path in the Israel Defense Forces. Its graduates are an elite few who have passed three years of grueling tests as cadets, including obtaining an officer rank of lieutenant in order to become pilots and navigators.
The ceremony was attended by President of the State of Israel Shimon Peres; Minister of Defense Ehud Barak; Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi; IAF Commander Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan; as well as the family and friends of the Flight School graduates.

Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan noted that, “courage in the skies and strong roots in the ground are the essence of the IAF’s legendary legacy. Now you are part of it, as aircrew fighters. Dear graduates, the ‘wings’ also symbolize the high expectations of your future. Today you are joining the most elite of our fighters: those fighters whom the people of Israel entrust with their safety every day.”
A commander of the IAF Flight School, who was one of the first graduates of the BGU/IAF program established six years ago, explained to a group of BGU donors at the Hatzerim base that “the relationship between the base and the University is one of a kind. BGU is capable of being flexible with the constraints of the pilot training course. In fact, the joint effort between the IAF Flight School and the University is the fulfillment of Ben-Gurion’s dream of developing the Negev.”
The IDF has approved four bachelor degree tracks from BGU: IT management, computer science, government and politics, and economics and management.

Israel 21c Reveals: Amazon’s Kindle Developed in Israel

We love Israel 21c, with its mission to show that there is more to Israel than is shown in the media.

We love the Amazon’s Kindle which allows us to carry 3,500 books on long flights and endless airport delays.

Now Israel 21c reveals that much of the Kindle software was developed in Israel.

You can read the full story here.

Startup Nation. (You can download a copy to your Kindle and read it on the beach in Eilat).


Mind The Gender Gap

Here’s some rather unpleasant news.

Ace reporter Jane Eisner of The Forward finds that women continue to lag behind men in both representation and compensation in Jewish communal organizations.

The Forward’s second annual survey of 74 major Jewish national organizations found that in the past year, women lost ground in leadership, continued to lag behind men in pay and did not experience the same increases in salary that a majority of the men enjoyed despite these recessionary times.

Overall, Jewish not-for-profit leaders took home more pay in 2009, but here, too, there was a serious gender gap: For men, the median salary increase was 5.82%; for women it was 1.42%. Only six leaders in our survey took no pay increase at all, and three of them were women.

Read the full article here.

Then do something about it.


SPECIAL ALERT The worst fire in Israel’s history is raging across Haifa

From the


“The worst fire in Israel’s history is raging across Haifa and the Carmel Forest. Lives have already been lost, and many more are in danger as Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services and JNF-KKL foresters battle the blaze.”
“As all forests in Israel are urban forests and abut either large cities or small villages, lives, homes, and livelihood are always at risk. Hundreds of residents are being evacuated as thousands of dunams of forest have been consumed by the flames.”
“Rescue teams and equipment are being brought in from all over the country. Shimon Romach, Israel’s Fire Commissioner, is calling on the international community for support during this disaster.”
Donate now to the JNF’s forest fire emergency campaign on the JNF website:

Stop the Press! Forward Names Surman Associate Publisher

The Forward, America’s most influential Jewish weekly newspaper and website, has appointed Barry S. Surman associate publisher.

In his position, Surman will be responsible for growing both the print and digital revenues of the Forward – including both English- and Yiddish-language newspapers and websites –  while managing and overseeing their business operations.  Prior to joining the Forward, Surman co-founded and led Eye Multimedia LLC, a multimedia startup, and also consulted for a variety of businesses and not-for-profit projects.

Before that, Surman was the vice president of new business and strategic development, and vice president for classified advertising, for the New York Daily News. In those positions he was responsible for strategic partnerships, investment and acquisition activities, as well as leading advertising and classified sales teams.  Surman also held a series of management roles at The New York Times  in sales and marketing, product development and management, and corporate strategy and acquisitions; he worked in – or closely with – business units in multiple media segments, including digital media, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television broadcasting and production.

Earlier in his career, Surman was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and a professional journalist. His writing and photography have appeared in The New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, Congressional Quarterly, Technology Review and other outlets.

“Barry’s work in growing revenues and managing operations at major newspapers makes him a perfect fit for the associate publisher position,” said Samuel Norich, publisher of the Forward. “We are pleased to have his management, sales and operational experience, as the Forward continues to explore new business and editorial opportunities.”
Surman holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Columbia Business School.   He serves on the alumni board of The Tech, MIT’s student newspaper, and the board of directors of the nonprofit organization Upwardly Global.

Happy (almost) Chanukah from the Negev


8 Days – The New Music Video by NBN


It Ain’t Always Easy Being Jewish on Campus These Days

Being Jewish on College campuses isn’t just about getting a degree.

As they head back to campus for another year of hitting the books, this years class of Jewish college students face the monumental task of being Jewish and supporting Israel on campuses that may not be as supportive as we would once expect.

Now more than ever in recent history, Jewish college students face a variety of tough and sometimes veiled challenges from both anti-Israel and anti-semitic groups.  Need proof?  For starters, just look at what happenedlast school year on the UCSD campus.

This video by the JTA’s Adam Soclof from the JTA’s The Telegraph Blog is part interview with Hillel’s President Wayne Firestoneas well as a look into some of the challenges facing Hillel students and staff today.

Hillel International’s webiste:

The Global Day of Jewish Learning

What: The Global Day of Jewish Learning

When: 11.7.10

About: “On November 7, 2010, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz will complete his monumental translation and commentary on the Talmud. His mission has been to give Jewish texts and learning back to the Jewish people. To mark this achievement, communities around the world are joining in a Global Day of Jewish Learning.”


In Rabbi Steinsaltz’s words:

“Jewish knowledge belongs to everyone. In this sense, I suppose
that my work on the Talmud has helped to open a new era: taking
the books out of the hands of the few and making them available
and accessible to everyone. Our goal is not so much to “spread”
knowledge, but to give it back to its owners.”

“Even before the Global Day, you may also want to engage in some
of the Big Questions that are part of our communal study, such
as: Does God hear prayer? What is my responsibility to Tzedakah?
What is sex for? When we say “do unto others”…who are the others?”

“I have been commenting on these questions and invite you to join
the Big Questions discussion.”

Judd Apatow’s All-Star AJWS Video

Non-Profit Event: NextGen: Charity

Where: November 18th NYC

How: Tickets here – Buy Tickets
What & Specifically Where: “NextGen: Charity is a conference on non-profit innovation aimed to help you run your organization more effectively and efficiently, and connect with donors and your community more powerfully. Day 1 is full of fun and inspiring talks from world leaders at the AXA Equitable Theater located at 787 Seventh Avenue in the heart of Times Square, Day 2 is engaging and interactive workshops at the prestigious Columbia University located at 2920 Broadway.
This year features celebrity presenters: Seth Godin (#1 business blogger & 12-time bestselling author), Nancy Lublin ( & Dress For Success founder), Scott Harrison (charity:water), Peter Thum and Jonathan Greenblatt (Ethos Water), Scott Belsky (Behance), Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook),  Joanne Heyman(Urban Zen) and many others. Talks are short (between 6 and 18 minutes), and are emotional and inspiring.”

Who:  2010 Presenters

Seth Godin: Bestselling Author, Squidoo

Jonathan Greenblatt:Ethos Water, All For Good

Scott Harrison: charity: water

Gordon J Campbell: United Way

Randi Zuckerberg :Facebook

Nancy Lublin, Dress For Success

Soraya Darabi:Foodspotting, NYTimes

Scott Belsky : Behance, Making Ideas Happen

Joanne Heyman: Heyman & Co, Urban Zen

Matt Mahan : Causes (Facebook)

Melissa Kushner:GoodsForGood

Nate Westheimer:NYTechMeetup,AnyClip

Rachel Sklar: Huffington Post, Charitini

Adam Smolyar: Jewish Federations

Ari Teman: JCorps, Vh1 Comedian

Ellen McGirt: Fast Company

David Saltzman: Robin Hood Foundation

Sandy Cardin:Schusterman Foundation

Sasha Dichter: Acumen Fund

The “Make it Happen $10,000 Campaign” from U.S. Bank

© 2010 U.S. Bancorp

U.S. Bank is giving away $10,000 to a good cause!  I didn’t see any Jewish causes listed yet… you could be the first!

From the U.S. Bank Make It Happen website

“How would $10,000 help you MAKE IT HAPPEN? Who would you give it to… a favorite cause or charity? A good friend in need? Whatever your choice, U.S. Bank can help

“Share Your Story:”
“Tell us how you would use $5,000 to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Then share your story with friends, family and colleagues to get their votes.
The person whose story has the most votes
on November 15, 2010 will win $5,000 for their cause
and $5,000 for themselves.”

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