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As of Today, We’ve Been Blogging for 7 Years!

The Jewish Donor Blog has now existed for 7 whole years! Jan. 2008 – Jan. 2015.

625 posts, so many views and clicks from our awesome readers and we’re still going!

BTW, how old is 7 years in blog years? Aren’t blog years like dog years?

Thank you!



The Rolling Stones Played Tel Aviv – Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones played Tel Aviv the other night!

So much for the BDSers and their BS. The Stones do seem a beat or two off from their youth judging from this video clip, but it’s great to see them in Israel especially when they encountered so much criticism for this show.

I even even heard that Mick Jager peppered his banter with the crowd with a bunch of Hebrew phrases. Sababa….

Israel Turns 66 – Yom Ha’azmaut – Israel Independence Day 2014

Today Israel turns 66! Only one more year until she retires… just kidding.

Israel smelled like one big al ha aish (barbeque) today. We saw a fireworks show at night as did most of the country. IDF planes soared over most of Israel today in a show of unity. Parents tried their best not to buy our kids overpriced glow in the dark toys, sugary stuff and that stupid foam that kids spray on people that is somehow supposed to be fun.


What a stark contrast to the day before which with Yom Hazikaron where we remembered Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror.

For a laugh go check out the very funny Benji Lovitt’s “66 More Things I Love About Israel” to honor Israel on her birthday today.

Pesach 2014


The Negev Brewery

Another product of the Negev region of Israel. This may be one of my favorites!

“In addition to the hotel exclusive and several seasonal brews, the brewery offers four beers that are always available: Amber Ale, Oasis, Passion Fruit Ale and Oak Porter. They range in taste from the light, orangey flavor of the Oasis beer, which recently replaced the Amber Ale as the most popular choice, to the porter’s darker earthiness. The passion fruit beer is the only one its makers know of in Israel that features the easily found local fruit.”

Source: In the Negev, a 2,000 shekel beer and other brews | The Times of Israel

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Yossi Vardi of ICQ Fame Interviewed By David Horovitz of Times of Israel at AIPAC 2014

Source: AIPAC’s YouTube Channel:

The Printing Press: Nike Style (Nike Sunar: Just Do It — Hareket Matbaası)

Source: Nike Football Turkey, page

Happy 5774 – VIDEO: Apples and What?

Video via the very funny Benji Lovitt

Gmail’s Inbox Changes and The Possible Effects on Email Marketing Campaigns

If you have Gmail you’ve noticed recently that there has been some changes. Instead of getting all your mail to one inbox your mail is now separated into three categories: Primary, Social and Promotions.

This is where those of us that send out email campaigns for our clients might start to do this:

Not to worry.  Take a deep breath. Things are not be as bad as that, for a few reasons.

1. Even though your open rates may suffer, the people who find your email in the promotions area will most likely take the time to interact with it be it through a click, an action step, etc.

2. If you are mailing to a “house” file you can encourage people to move your emails over to the “Primary” tab since if they are opting-in to get your content then your really shouldn’t be in the “Promotions” tab in the first place.

3. If you stick to what works well in designing a good looking email with a solid call to action, keep it simple and uncluttered and have a good call to action you will still have the advantage over the email marketers who’s 15 year old cousin designs their campaign in Microsoft Word.

4. People receiving emails in the “Promotions” tab now have the chance to scan and read these emails separately from the emails in their “Primary” inbox. This will give people more time and patience to sort through the promotion emails and give them the time and in some cases lack of time that they deserve. Since the emails are no longer clumped with the important stuff and they get their own space they will now get more time that just delete, delete, delete….

In short, keep an eye on your next few email campaign stats with an eye on the Gmail accounts see what if any affect the new changes have.

And breathe, don’t forget to breathe. The alternative is not so great.

Shabbat Shalom from the Jewish Donor Blog

Jewish Donor Blog’s Yoav Kaufman Interviews Vayner Media’s Gary Vaynerchuk

Yom Haatzmaut 2013 – Beersheva Israel

Kickstarting – the Dry Bones Blog

Here’s a neat project we want you to know about from Yaakov Kirschen, the creator of the witty Dry Bones comic strip.

Yaakov has started a fundraiser on Kickstarter to raise money to create a Dry Bones inspired Hagadah.

Check out the link for more details.

Kickstarting – the Dry Bones Blog

A Happy and Healthy 5773

Don’t Want to Make Aliyah? Excuses, Excuses.

On the lighter side today.

Thinking about making Aliyah, but not ready yet?  Chances are you’ve made one of the “Top 50 excuses people give not to make aliyah to Israel”


Direct link to original post:

1. Israel is too hot.
2. Israel is too cold.
3. The taxes are too high.
4. I won’t be able to make a living.
5. I don’t want to serve in the army.
6. I don’t want my children to serve in the army.
7. The Israelis are rude.
8. I hate getting elbowed.
9. You can’t find a real bagel.
10. The cream cheese stinks.
11. The pastrami is lousy.
12. They don’t have real rye bread.
13.  I can’t leave my parents.
14. No baseball.
15. I’m afraid to drive there.
16. I’m afraid of the Arabs.
17. I’m afraid of my mother.
18. I can’t learn Hebrew at my age.
19. The Israelis make fun of American accents.
20. The State of Israel is traf.
21. There’s preetzut all over the place.
22. They kicked Jews out of their homes in Gush Katif.
23. They hate the Orthodox.
24. There’s only one golf course.
25. It’s too far away from the Caribbean.
26. You can serve Hashem anywhere.
27. My girlfriend doesn’t want to leave her parents.
28. It isn’t written in the Torah.
29. The Gedolim say we don’t have to go.
30. I’m waiting for Moshiach.
31. I don’t want to leave my psychiatrist.
32. I don’t want to leave my neurologist.
33. I don’t want to leave my hair dresser.
34. The toilet paper is too thin.
35. The bathrooms are too small.
36. There’s no central heating.
37. There’s no wall-to-wall carpeting.
38. I’ll miss Xmas shopping.
39. I can’t stomach humus.
40. Falafel makes me fart.
41. They won’t accept my wife’s conversion.
42. I don’t know anybody there.
43. No one knows me.
44. I won’t be able to find a job as a Rabbi.
45. I still have to pay off college depts.
46. You can’t get the NY Sunday Times.
47. The move will be too traumatic for my dog.
48. Iran is building a nuclear bomb.
49. I’m proud to be an American Jew.
50. Hashem wants us to stay in exile – otherwise He wouldn’t have put us here.

Hatikva – On the ukulele!!

Via YouTube User: gadaya

Shavua Tov!

Passover 2012


Purim Animated from

Chag Purim samayach!

The Purim story from

The Beauty of Print

Novum 11/11 – Making Of Cover from Paperlux on Vimeo.

‎”The goal, Kuehne says, is to underscore the importance of print media as the publishing industry goes digital: “Don’t get me wrong: We feel totally at home in the digital world. But it will never substitute the feeling and smell of a new book, a magazine or a handwritten letter. We believe that projects such as these can bring this back into our minds.” Source:

Can Physics Teach Us About Marketing?

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