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Fundraising Strategy

Customer Service – Not Just a Department

59d6dfd7-9a6c-4af2-84a4-57e287e934ab-mediumEveryone in your company should be doing customer service, not just one department.

Amazing Deal on the L.A. Jewish Journal Email List!

The JewishJournal LogoL.A. Jewish Journal email list now 1/2 off per campaign! End of Oct. dates open now for a limited time only. Get it while it’s hot!

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Gary V. on TV Ads VS Content Marketing – 60 Second Video Clip

Freshly Updated Jewish Email Lists for Your Nonprofit’s Next Fundraising Campaign

It’s looking more like online giving is taking off. A recent article says that online donations rose 14% last year alone.logo_20

The Big Boom in Online Giving:

“(Online) Donations rose 14 percent last year from 2011, to $2.1-billion, in a study of 115,000 nonprofits whose giving totals were provided by the online-fundraising processors Blackbaud, Network for Good, and PayPal.”

Did you ever want to test an email campaign to a targeted Jewish email list? Negev Direct has just the list that you’ll need.

Check out our 60+ Jewish email lists.

We’re sure to have at least a few lists that match the type of Jewish donor your looking for. 

Ask these potential donors to learn more about your organization’s mission. Ask them to get involved in a new or existing project.

Don’t forget to also ask these prospects to volunteer with your nonprofit, sign a petition, join your email, mailing and newsletter lists, buy a raffle ticket and yes, donate.

Email me today for more info

The Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel – ADRFCO

Negev Direct Marketing, Inc is a proud new member of the Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel, or ADRFCO for short.

ADRFCO was formed to achieve three main goals:

1.To create and enforce the industry’s first set of comprehensive ethical standards,CO was formed to achieve three main goals:

2.To represent its members’ interests before state and federal government, and
3.To educate non-profit organizations and the general public about the use of direct-response fundraising.

The ADRFCO has many industry leaders as members that will allow Negev Direct to build new business relationships and improve on existing ones.

VIDEO: Crowdsourcing – Fundraising TECH – In Wake of Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy, Philanthropy Goes Social


Rethinking How We Think About Fundraising

“We do not want our generations epitaph to read ‘we kept charity overhead low'”
– Dan Pallotta


It’s 2013, what are your fundraising plans for the new year?

Creating Videos that Inspire Action!


Is your non-profit struggling to use video to its full potential?

9 reasons why marketers should use Pinterest

9 reasons why marketers should use Pinterest.

If you are a community manager, early adopter or social media enthusiast, then the business value of Pinterest may be obvious to you.

However, everyone else in marketing may not share your enthusiasm. But how do you go about convincing them they should jump on board? Here are nine reasons your business should consider marketing on Pinterest.

1. Shift in consumer behavior from search to discovery – Search is great for finding answers. Discovery is great for finding inspiration. Pinterest taps into that phenomenon. As Samil Shah explained on TechCrunch back in November, Pinterest is bringing some of that discovery online…which could lead to a revolution in how we purchase items. Right now we are trained to go to Amazon or Google to find what we want. Pinterest starts before that search, before we even thinking we want to buy a particular product. For example, if I wanted a sound system for my laptop, I might hop on to Pinterest, browse a category devoted to sound systems and then land on a product. Within that discovery phase, however, I may never end up at Amazon since Pinterest drives traffic back to a retailer’s site.

2.Little interaction needed for brands – A legitimate concern for any brand considering jumping into a new social media platform is the resource question: do you have it in the budget to staff? The nice thing about Pinterest is there isn’t a lot of overhead. Outside of pinning, categorizing and tagging images, you don’t have to worry about managing comments or playing the follower game. You can push content at your own pace.

3.Connect with the visual segment of your audience – Pinterest is visual. So it attracts an entirely different crowd…those who may have an appeal for an image over written words. Why is this important? Consider how content marketers typically engage their audiences…through words, videos or audio podcasts. You can open the doors to a new segment of buyers who may be interested in your product…but not know about it…by building a community around the images you pin. That can draw others in who are inspired by your account and lead to referrals.

4. Inspires the shy content creator – Pinterest is allowing another segment of the online market get into the action. That segment is the lurker…the person who is too shy to create their own blog, comment on other social sites or contribute in any way online. Pinterest is best compared to Tumblr, where most Tumblrs do not create original content…but share, or “re-blog,” other content. Pinterest is a great way for people to express themselves without having to do anything original.

5. Amplifies the content of original creators – The average Tumblr post gets reblogged 9 times. That means it’s reaching far more people than if it remained on its own site. While there aren’t numbers on Pinterest, you can assume the same thing…content is re-pinned and shared across a wider audience. So if you are an original content creator, sharing that content on Pinterest will amplify its reach.

6. Repinning is the new “retweet” –It’s quite possible that you can build a community from simply sharing other people’s pins…the same way some Twitter power users have built a following off of retweeting or Tumblr users who’ve reblogged.

7. Tap into niches – As I mentioned above, Pinterest will allow you to pick up on a different segment. You can take this idea of niche marketing further by creating boards specific to particular segments. For example, Crutchfield might create boards around “dream man caves,” “cool clubbing” and “ladies’ lounge,” which include reader-generated home-based sound systems in these themes.

8. Build your expertise – Even if your brand doesn’t work seamlessly on Pinterest like a lifestyle company’s might, you can still use it to share your experience and build your expertise in a particular location, industry or relationships. A web strategist like Jeremiah Owyang might create boards around “must-have social media equipment for road warriors,” “top people to know in the web analytics business” or “places to eat when you attend Conference X.”

9. It’s beating out Facebook referrals – Finally, perhaps one of the best reasons for using Pinterest in your social media marketing plans is that it is outperforming Facebook. The general manager of digital for the print magazine Real Life said that Pinterest was a huge source of traffic in October 2011…more than Facebook. Time to re-tool our marketing strategies, don’t you think?

Link to full post:

Where Do You Give?

A really neat new tzedakah design contest put on by AJWS. What does tzedakah look like? Where do you give? To whom and why?

Can Physics Teach Us About Marketing?

Charity Navigator Gives…And takes Away

Charity Navigator has a somewhat controversial rating system for charities awarding stars to measure the financial health, viability and transparency of charities.

A new updates rating system has resulted in ratings changes for over half of the 5,500 charities rated. Charity Navigator considers whether the charity is making easily available information regarding its governance practices, ethical practices, financial information, effectiveness and results.

Our friends at e Jewish Philanthropy have just posted a blog lists changes in the ratings of many large Jewish Charities. Here is a list of Jewish organizations that have lost the coveted 4 Star rating (new ratings appear in parentheses following the organization name).

  • Agudath Israel of America (2)
  • Aish New York (3)
  • Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education (3)
  • American Committee for Shaare Zedek Medical Center In Jerusalem (3)
  • American Friends of Nishmat (1)
  • American Friends of Shalva (1)
  • American Friends of the Israel Museum (3)
  • American Friends of Yad Eliezer (3)
  • American Israel Education Foundation (3)
  • American Pardes Foundation (3)
  • American Society for Yad Vashem (2)
  • The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore (3)
  • Birthright Israel Foundation (3)
  • Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School of Greater Washington (3)
  • Combined Jewish Philanthropies (3)
  • Fuchs Mizrachi School (2)
  • Gross Schechter Day School (2)
  • Jewish Community of Louisville (3)
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton (3)
  • Jewish Federation of Omaha (3)
  • Jewish National Fund, United States (3)
  • The Negev Foundation (2)
  • Yeshiva University (3)
Better news is that 12 Jewish organizations once  rated lower have now earned the 4 Star rating.
  • American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
  • The Federation, Jewish Communities of Western Connecticut
  • International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
  • Jewish Communal Fund – NY
  • The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus
  • Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
  • Jewish Family & Career Services of Atlanta
  • Jewish Federation of Cincinnati
  • Jewish Federation of Orange County
  • Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
  • Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago
  • MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger – CA
For a more details, please consult e Jewish Philanthropy’s article.

Nonprofit Video Toolkit – Part 1: The Power of Video

Video is one tool in the non-profit tool box that can be used to raise awareness and even raise funds. Check out this video from Cisco and find out more!

Thank You

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I know a bunch of you just signed up for our free email subscription and I want to thank you personally for that too.
We started out 3 and a half years ago with no readers at all and no one really caring about who we were or what we had to say. Today we have had over 62,000 views and clicks to our blog and many, many loyal readers like you.
Without you, we wouldn’t be here.
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Helping AMIT Help Israel

This summer, Vivint, one of the largest home automation companies in North America, is giving away more than one million dollars to charities through its GiveBack Project.

We LOVE Vivint for it’s innovative approach to charitable giving.

We also LOVE AMIT. With 85 schools in 24 cities throughout Israel, AMIT sets the standard for quality education in Israel.

Now, you can help AMIT  receive a grant of up to $250,000 from Vivint. Here’s how:

Step 1: Like Vivint on Facebook
Step 2: Search for Amit
Step 3: Endorse Amit

You can start voting today and continue voting once a day until August 27th.

Vote for AMIT early and often.


Free List Industry White Paper

While mailing lists are the lifeblood of direct mail marketing campaigns, the data acquisition process is outmoded. 

NextMark, our favorite source for list information, commissioned research to better understand the core issues related to list acquisition and list fulfillment.

“The Evolution of List Fulfillment” is the first whitepaper of its kind, leveraging the combined experience of seasoned direct marketing professionals (list brokerage and management executives), with technological expertise (NextMark) and qualified third-party editorial (Ray Schultz).

Download your free copy (PDF format) now: The Evolution of List Fulfillment


Salons for the Savvy Organization

Today’s eJewish Philanthropy features an article by Susan Weidman Schneider, one of Lilith Magazines founders, on the concept on Salons.

She writes…Salons, popular among intellectually curious and avant-garde Jewish women from the eighteenth century onward, are re-appearing in the 21st century as an opportunity for thoughtful women to get together to mull over some of the most exciting thinking of the day. Lilith Magazine has created contemporary salons where ideas hatch and are nurtured, places where small groups of women meet for informal discussions. Salon conversations can pull in women of all ages to talk and act on many progressive fronts – reproductive freedoms, diversity in Jewish families, rights for Israeli women, and much more.

Are salons right for your organization? Read the full article here.

Both Lilith Magazine and the National Council of Jewish Women (mentioned in the article) are long-time clients of Negev Direct Marketing and we support their fine work.


Ask Without Fear

Practical advice on asking for donations by Marc A. Pitman author of “Ask Without Fear”

Direct Mail vs. Social Media Marketing & Email- The Kern Organization Vi…

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