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Life Moves Fast. Too Fast Sometimes.

I was thinking a lot today about slowing down everything we do in our lives.  We live in such a fast paced environment which can lead to accidents, unfinished products, ideas that are not fully though out, etc.

Sometimes we move so fast because we need to. Other-times we do it because we think that’s what we’re supposed to do.

Here’s a few examples:

– I see car accidents in my neighborhood almost daily. One time a lady was actually run over and killed (true story). I think if people asked themselves “do I really need to drive this fast?” that many of these accidents could be prevented just by being more aware of others and slowing down.

– How many of you have had business ideas that you thought was a great idea? I do this all the time. I have a great idea, and then the next day I’ll be on to something else. I don’t give myself the time for my idea to marinade and following through on these ideas almost never happens. Since there is pressure to make money a lot of good ideas that would take time to develop go to waste since they are not immediate money makers (and who has the time not to make money?). I’ve never heard of an app that took 15 years or more to make but a 15 year old whiskey is better than a 5 year whiskey. Get my point?

–  During the school year I wake up at 6:30am 5 days a week after getting home from work at 12:30pm and I rush to drop off my kids at school and my wife at work. Then, in the afternoon at 12:45pm or 1:30pm (yes kids here have basically a half a day of school as the normal school day unless you pay more to keep your kid later which we do not) I rush to pick everyone up from school and work. Then I rush off to work. Then I rush home to try and fall asleep so I can wake up again the next day at 6:30am.

There has to be a better, less stressful, less rushed way to do this and get through the day with ones sanity and physical well-being intact.

My point is I think we’d all benefit a little bit, we’d be less stressed, we’d think a little clearer, we’d follow through on more ideas if we all just slowed down.

For the readers who keep Shabbat, I’m sure you’ll say “that’s what Shabbat is for.” But what about the rest of the week? Is it OK to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off 6 days of the week? I’m not convinced.

There must be a better way.

NIS 500 million plan to develop Negev

This is another big step ahead for the Negev! Beersheva has really changed for the better even in just the 8 or so years I’ve been here. The brand new Science Museum just opened up 2 minutes away from my house. Countless new parks and fountains have sprung up around the city. The new Grand Canyon Beersheva is open for business too! It’ll be very interesting to see how the city reacts and changes once the influx of IDF soldiers and officers actually begins to take place once the new 401858_10200543469081798_1487532472_nbase opens. Stay posted, good things are happening in the Negev!

From today:

“The cabinet approved a national plan to develop the Negev with a budget of NIS 500 million ($140 million). The investment will be spread over five years and would be the civilian answer to the procedure of the IDF’s relocation to the Negev.”

“The outline was put together by an inter-ministerial committee headed by Director-General of the Prime Minister’s Office Harel Locker and Director-General of the Ministry for Development of the Negev and Galilee Orna Hozman Bechor.”


Article link:,7340,L-4404799,00.html

Jewish Donor Blog’s Yoav Kaufman Interviews Vayner Media’s Gary Vaynerchuk

Yom Haatzmaut 2013 – Beersheva Israel

My Personal Holocaust Story – Holocaust Memorial Day 2013

Tonight begins Holocaust Memorial day here in Israel.

My Oma and Opa (my grandparents) were hidden during the Holocaust in Holland.

My biological Dad was separated from his parents and was adopted by by a Dutch family. Amazingly he passed as Dutch and not Jewish although I’ve heard stories of close very calls with brushes with the Nazis almost finding out that my Dad was Jewish.

The family that adopted my Dad during the war was just recognized as an official righteous gentile family a few years back by Yad Vashem, something I am very proud of.

When my Dad and his parents were re-united after the war, my Dad who was a young boy at the time didn’t even believe that my Oma and Opa (his parents) were his real parents. He had forgotten about them.

The three of them survived but I’m sure that the emotional scars never really went away.

My biological Dad died a couple months before I was born in 1973 before I ever got to see or meet him. I think he had a lot of weight on his shoulders after all he had been through at such a young age.

Let’s remember never to forget. We don’t need to forgive, but let’s never forget!!

-Yoav Kaufman

Imagine a World Without Hate (Official Video)

source: ADLNational YouTube Channel

Rethinking How We Think About Fundraising

“We do not want our generations epitaph to read ‘we kept charity overhead low'”
– Dan Pallotta

The Philanthropist’s Question


When Rav Kook visited the United States in 1924, scores of people came to see and meet him. The purpose of his trip, however, was to raise funds for Torah institutions in Eretz Yisrael and Europe.

The Philanthropist’s Question

At one gathering in Rav Kook’s honor, a well-known philanthropist agreed to give a very sizable donation to the cause, but only if the chief rabbi could explain to him a Jewish custom that he found puzzling.

“At the conclusion of both the Seder night and Yom Kippur, Jews all over the world declare their heartfelt wish — ‘Next year in Jerusalem!’ I understand why Jews in the Diaspora say this,” said the man. “But why do Jews who live in Holy City say it? Are they not already there?”

The Jerusalemites’ Prayer

The Rav listened attentively to the question and answered genially. “The matter is quite simple, my friend,” he explained. “First of all, in Jerusalem we add one word to our prayer. We say, ‘Next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem!’ And we still have a long way to go before that request is fulfilled in its entirety.”

“But there is more,” continued the Rav with a smile on his face.

“When we beseech God, ‘Next year in Jerusalem,’ we mean that we hope to be there in the fullest sense — in body, soul, and thought. We pray that our situation will be different than it is today, when people dwell in Jerusalem, but are preoccupied with planning trips to America to raise funds.”

Judging from the size of the man’s donation, it was clear that he was especially pleased with the second answer….

(Adapted from “An Angel Among Men” by R. Simcha Raz, translated by R. Moshe Lichtman, pp. 253-254)

YouTube’s 2012 DoGooder Non-Profit Video of the Year Contest is on!

YouTube’s 2012 DoGooder contest allows you to vote one per day for your favorite non-profit videos of the past year!

Check out the voting page here: and cast your vote today.

Voting ends on March 28th and the winning videos will be featured on YouTube’s home page on April 4th.


World Giving Report 2011 Rankings

The World Giving Report 2011 ranks giving in 153 countries based on three main findings: donations, volunteering and helping strangers.
Notable rankings: USA ranks # 1 & Israel ranks # 38


The History of Marketing: An Exhaustive Timeline [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Ever since people have had something to sell, we’ve been marketing. But the effectiveness of those marketing methods have waxed and waned over thousands of years, and as consumers and their technologies advanced at a more and more rapid pace, marketers have had to change their game.”
“At one time, cutting edge technology was limited to just a small segment of the population – and these advancements were slowly rolled out to the masses over decades (and even centuries!). Now, adoption rates are faster than the speed of light and more widespread than ever – and it’s putting control back in the hands of consumers.”
“It’s up to marketers to keep pace in this cluttered, fast-paced world if they want their message heard. Through the lens of marketing history, watch how marketers are succeeding.”
“Take a look at how technology has changed the way marketers do their jobs, how consumers have responded (not always so favorably), and let us know where you think the future of marketing lies.”


History of Marketing Infographic

History of Marketing Infographic

BGU Blood Test for Early Cancer Detection

New Blood Test for Early Cancer Detection Developed by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Researchers 90 Percent Detection Rate in Clinical Tests for Multiple Types of Cancers

BEER-SHEVA, February 20, 2012 – A simple blood test is being developed by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and Soroka University Medical Center in Beer-Sheva, Israel that may provide early detection of many types of cancer. Prof. Kapelushnik of BGU’s Faculty of Health Sciences and his team developed a device that illuminates cancer cells with less than a teaspoon of blood. The test uses infrared light to detect miniscule changes in the blood of a person who has a cancerous growth somewhere, even before the disease has spread. Various molecules released into the bloodstream cause it to absorb infrared light slightly differently compared to that of healthy people. In the latest clinical trial with 200 patients and a control group, the test identified specific cancers in 90 percent of the patients and found other types of cancer, as well. The researchers are focused on detection of common cancers, such as lung and ovarian cancer. Doctors believe that it is critical to increase cancer detection in early stages to prevent the need for long, difficult and costly treatments in more advanced stages.

“This is still research in the early stages of clinical trials,” clarifies Prof. Joseph Kapelushnik, who is also head of the Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology at Soroka hospital. “But the purpose is to develop an efficient, cheap and simple method to detect as many types of cancers as possible. We want to be able to detect cancer while a patient is still feeling good, before it has a chance to metastasize, meaning fewer treatments, less suffering and many more lives saved.” More clinical trials will be conducted in the next 18 months.

The Beauty of Print

Novum 11/11 – Making Of Cover from Paperlux on Vimeo.

‎”The goal, Kuehne says, is to underscore the importance of print media as the publishing industry goes digital: “Don’t get me wrong: We feel totally at home in the digital world. But it will never substitute the feeling and smell of a new book, a magazine or a handwritten letter. We believe that projects such as these can bring this back into our minds.” Source:

Martin Luther King Jr: “Israel… is one of the great outpost of democra…

Can Physics Teach Us About Marketing?

Thank You

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Focus on the Negev: The New Arava Solar Field

One thing we have plenty of in the Negev almost all year round is sunshine.  That and a pioneering spirit for ingenuity.

Today The Arava Power Co., an Israeli renewable-energy developer, completed its first solar power project on Kibutz Kiturah in the Southern Negev.

In the spirit of David Ben Gurion the Negev continues to bloom.

If you are visiting, just don’t forget to bring your sunglasses.

From today’s
“Arava Completes First Solar-Power Project, Plans 40 More”

“(Israel) has 39 megawatts of installed solar capacity that is connected to the transmission grid and aims to generate 5 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2014.”

“With the right government policy, we will be able to provide more than 400 megawatts of power, and the net equity will be well over $2 billion,” Rosenblatt said by phone from the U.S. “We are actively engaged with the treasury, the finance minister, the infrastructure minister, the regulator and other parties to hopefully influence them to understand that solar for Israel is particularly compelling.”

Helping AMIT Help Israel

This summer, Vivint, one of the largest home automation companies in North America, is giving away more than one million dollars to charities through its GiveBack Project.

We LOVE Vivint for it’s innovative approach to charitable giving.

We also LOVE AMIT. With 85 schools in 24 cities throughout Israel, AMIT sets the standard for quality education in Israel.

Now, you can help AMIT  receive a grant of up to $250,000 from Vivint. Here’s how:

Step 1: Like Vivint on Facebook
Step 2: Search for Amit
Step 3: Endorse Amit

You can start voting today and continue voting once a day until August 27th.

Vote for AMIT early and often.


Names In The News

Sharon Temkin Portnoy has joined the Forward Association, publisher of the Forward newspaper, as Director of Development.
Portnoy joins the Forward from Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America.  During her tenure with Hadassah, she led efforts in annual and major gift fundraising, capital campaigns and served as Development Director of Young Judaea, the Zionist Youth Movement of Hadassah.
She joined the Jewish non-for-profit world after a successful career with major multinational corporations in government affairs and corporate relations at the federal, state and local levels. She is a native New Yorker who has developed an extensive network of relationships nationwide in both her corporate and development worlds.

The Power of the Brand

Facebook is tremendously popular in Israel.

Check out the statistics  here. Almost half of the county uses Facebook.

And if you want further proof of popularity, here it is:

Ha’aaretz reports that Lior and Vardit Adler of Hod HaSharon have named their newborn baby girl Like.

She joins her older siblings Dvash (honey) and Pie 🙂

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