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Judd Apatow’s All-Star AJWS Video

Award-Winning Consultants

Lautman Maska Neill & Company is proud that three campaigns – which successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for three wonderful organizations – were awarded Silver Maxis by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW).

The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) multi-channel Department of Defense Campaign, the Masonic Children and Family Services of Texas acquisition package and the Center for Jewish History Calendar of Events renewal were all recognized by the DMAW for their stellar results and creative excellence.

The Maxi ceremony, held Monday, July 26th at the beginning of the Bridge Conference, was a great reminder that solid fundraising strategy (in a creative package) yields great results!

Congratulations to all of our associates at Lautman, Maska Neill & Company.

David, Yoav & Chana

‘Wild Things’ Author Gives $1-Million to Jewish Family and Child Services

Missing page from Where the Wild Things by Areby Guarina Lopez.

“There must be more to life than having everything.”
– Maurice Sendak

We’ve all read the book “Were the Wild Things Are”.

I’ve even had the privilege of listening to the book being read to me as a child, and now as an adult  reading it to my two little girls.

What you might not have known is that according to a recent article, the author of the famous children’s book has donated $1 million dollars to Jewish Family and Child Services.

The gift is to honor the 82-year-olds life partner Eugene D. Glyn who worked for 30 years as a psychologist at JFCS helping children in need before he passed away in October of 2007.

AJC, Not to be Confused With the Other AJC, Closes Shop For Now.

The AJCongress appears ready to shut it’s doors.

Due to hefty financial losses from the Madoff scandal and other factors including the lack of a broad donor base and no real clear name recognition in similar manner to Bnai Brith Youth Organization and B’nai B’rith, The AJCongress has experienced some tough times as of late.

The AJCongress has been around for a while, 92 years to be exact, so I anticipate that they won’t just close up shop but rather look for a merger with another Jewish organization.  AJCommittee’s name has been floated around as a good possible merger candidate.

Stay tuned as I’m sure we’ll have more news in the next few weeks as to the fate of the AJCongress.

From today’s

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation will spend $10-million to provide emergency aid to impoverished Holocaust survivors

As reported today by

“The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation will spend $10-million over five years to provide emergency aid to impoverished Holocaust survivors, says The Baltimore Sun.

The fund, established by the Baltimore foundation, will be administered by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. The conference estimates that 144,000 Nazi victims live in North America and that 37 percent of those in the United States live at or below the poverty line, five times the rate for other older people.

Rachel Monroe, the foundation’s president, said the fund will help about 10,000 Holocaust survivors in North America meet basic food, shelter, and medical needs.”

On a lighter but related note, from The American Joint Distribution Committee’s YouTube Channel, here is a video clip of  Don Weinberg, the Chairman of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation entertaining an Israeli audience with his surprisingly talented singing skills!

ROI’s 2009-2010 Grantees


“We are excited to announce the 35 ROI grantees for 2009-2010.  Our grantees originate from 11 different countries representing ROI cohorts from 2006-2009.  After a long and rigorous selection process, the following people were selected for their diverse, innovative, entrepreneurial and collaborative projects.  These projects are joined by a common thread of advancing the ROI Network.  We wish our grantees much success in advancing their projects and our network and encourage them all to continue and increase their collaborative work.”

Name Country Project
The Israeli Film Industry
Seeing the Beauty
Jerusalem Cleantech Business Incubator
Lech Teda – (Go & be educated)
Parallel Lives’ Alumni Community
Shomer Olam (Guarding the World)
Jewish Center of Culture & Social Change
Eshes Chayil (Woman of Valor)
Russian Bridges
Oleh Records-Limmud Global Music Campaign
G-dcast: the Holiday Project
Austria/  Israel
Bat Kol International Outreach
LeadEarth – Backpackers’ Program
Jews in ALL Hues
Building Chatter Bridges
The Battle for Jerusalem (Trailer)
Interactive Holocaust Exhibition
Cuban Leadership Training

Young Judaea’s Year Course 2010

It’s summer time again and that can only mean one thing for Jewish kids: Jewish Summer camp!

Young Judaea has summer camps throughout the U.S. and they also run one of the premier Israel year programs for high school grads called Young Judaea Year Course.

I had the privilege spending most of my summers as a youth in Young Judaea’s Camp in the Midwest and the West.

When I graduated high school I went on Year Course and it really instilled a love of Israel and a desire to make aliyah.

I still run into people here in Israel who went on Year Course and now live in Israel and it’s sort of a bond to know someone else who went on Year Course too.

In honor of summer time and Young Judaea The Jewish Donor Blog proudly brings you the 2010 Young Judaea Year Course video!


Israel for One and All – in Five Years.

The Prime Minister of Israel has urged the world to set a goal that within five years every young Jewish person who has the desire will be able to visit Israel.

Post high school trips have been helped out with government funding in the past with Birthright and MASA trips.

The new thought here is that the government has recently began to consider funding high-school aged programs as well.

From the

“The government has invested tens of millions of dollars in recent years in programs such as Taglit-Birthright Israel and Masa in order to help finance short- and long-term stays in Israel for Diaspora youth. Over 200,000 college-age Jews have come on Birthright trips, while Masa brings some 8,000 each year to Israel for months-long volunteer projects and programs throughout the country.”

“A lot of people were skeptical that these things would grow and develop,” he said of programs such as Birthright and Masa, “but I think they have, and I think they’ve made a profound difference. They’ve connected an entire generation of young Jews to Israel at time when there are so many forces that are working to disconnect them from Israel.” He promised to “participate with you” in expanding these programs.”

Full article by clicking here. 

Israeli-Developed Boiled Potato Batteries May Provide Cheap Power

It sounds like a headline from the Onion, but it’s not.

You can read the full story in Ha’aretz Online.

This new high-tech Potato Battery was developed at Hebrew University, and Negev Direct is the list broker and manager for the American Friends of Hebrew University.

Potatoes also happen to be Israel’s biggest agricultural export.

That’s great synergy.


American Jewish Committee: “Iran: One Year After the Stolen Election”

Iran is not only threatening the West and Israel but they are also brutally silencing any opposition to the current regime.

Iran must be held accountable for their numerous blatant violations of human rights of free speech and free assembly.

The American Jewish Committee is currently running a campaign that is urging the United States to press the UN Human Rights Council to take decisive action on Iran.

Please check out this short video and then sign the petition to the UN by clicking on this link:

Sign the American Jewish Committee Petition to the UN Human Rights Council

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