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“Need to Know” for Jewish non-profits

Names In The News

Sharon Temkin Portnoy has joined the Forward Association, publisher of the Forward newspaper, as Director of Development.
Portnoy joins the Forward from Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America.  During her tenure with Hadassah, she led efforts in annual and major gift fundraising, capital campaigns and served as Development Director of Young Judaea, the Zionist Youth Movement of Hadassah.
She joined the Jewish non-for-profit world after a successful career with major multinational corporations in government affairs and corporate relations at the federal, state and local levels. She is a native New Yorker who has developed an extensive network of relationships nationwide in both her corporate and development worlds.

Free List Industry White Paper

While mailing lists are the lifeblood of direct mail marketing campaigns, the data acquisition process is outmoded. 

NextMark, our favorite source for list information, commissioned research to better understand the core issues related to list acquisition and list fulfillment.

“The Evolution of List Fulfillment” is the first whitepaper of its kind, leveraging the combined experience of seasoned direct marketing professionals (list brokerage and management executives), with technological expertise (NextMark) and qualified third-party editorial (Ray Schultz).

Download your free copy (PDF format) now: The Evolution of List Fulfillment


The Power of the Brand

Facebook is tremendously popular in Israel.

Check out the statistics  here. Almost half of the county uses Facebook.

And if you want further proof of popularity, here it is:

Ha’aaretz reports that Lior and Vardit Adler of Hod HaSharon have named their newborn baby girl Like.

She joins her older siblings Dvash (honey) and Pie 🙂

Meanwhile, In Beersheva…

Ben-Gurion University researcher Alberto Bilenca, Ph.D., has been awarded a prestigious grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Dr. Bilenca has developed a fast, low-cost device to accurately diagnose malaria in the field without having to draw blood.
Dr. Bilenca is a member of BGU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology.
Dr. Bilenca’s project is based on a standard camera cellphone and a red laser pointerthat can noninvasively obtain finger blood perfusion images in less than a second. The device creates images that detect malaria pigment  in the blood.
In contrast to commerciallyavailable malaria tests, this probe will avoid the need for blood collection, therefore maximizing medical safety, patient comfort and test rapidity. 

Malaria causes approximately 1 million deaths per year throughout developing countries.

Salons for the Savvy Organization

Today’s eJewish Philanthropy features an article by Susan Weidman Schneider, one of Lilith Magazines founders, on the concept on Salons.

She writes…Salons, popular among intellectually curious and avant-garde Jewish women from the eighteenth century onward, are re-appearing in the 21st century as an opportunity for thoughtful women to get together to mull over some of the most exciting thinking of the day. Lilith Magazine has created contemporary salons where ideas hatch and are nurtured, places where small groups of women meet for informal discussions. Salon conversations can pull in women of all ages to talk and act on many progressive fronts – reproductive freedoms, diversity in Jewish families, rights for Israeli women, and much more.

Are salons right for your organization? Read the full article here.

Both Lilith Magazine and the National Council of Jewish Women (mentioned in the article) are long-time clients of Negev Direct Marketing and we support their fine work.


Negev Direct Marketing – 20 Years of Excellence

This year is Negev Direct’s 20th year in business!
That’s 20 years of providing excellent service for our clients direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns.

As part of our celebration, we created a new version of our company logo.  The new version has “20 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE” on the bottom to commemorate this milestone.

We look forward to the next 20 years of helping our clients with their direct marketing campaigns!

Israel First to Set Up Field Hospital In Japan

This is a photograph of   Minami-sanriko, a fishing village in Northern Japan.
Or what’s left of it.
It’s now the site of the first foreign field hospital set up to aid the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami

While we like any connection between Israel and Japan, this one makes us especially proud.

Israel is also providing tons of aid assistance – including mattresses, blankets, coats, gloves and chemical toilets.

Get the details on this story at The Jerusalem Post.


Posted Without Comment: The Fogel Family, z”l

NextMark’s Mailing List Search Tool

Repost from the Nextmark blog about the Nextmark list search tool. Looking for postal lists for your next marketing campaign?  The Nextmark list search feature is a good place to start.
“There’s big demand for postal mailing lists lately. Despite its traditional nature, postal is still one of the most powerful channels for driving both offline and online traffic (and sales!).
The key to driving quality traffic through postal is using a quality mailing list. In fact, experts agree that your choice of mailing lists is the single most important factor in driving your results.
There are more than 60,000 mailing lists available. Without the right tool, it’s unlikely you’ll find your ideal lists. Fortunately, NextMark provides a Mailing List Finder tool. It’s easy to use. And, best of all, it’s free.”

Direct Mail vs. Social Media Marketing & Email- The Kern Organization Vi…

Learning from the Grand Masters of Marketing- The Kern Organization Video…

Search updates on LinkedIn with the new Signal feature!

Signal is a powerfull new feature from LinkedIn that helps filter information in a number of ways.
1. You can manage viewing Twitter updates on LinkendIn that otherwise can be too much of an information overload once you are following a fair amount of people and their Tweets.
2. Signal is a fast and easy way to search your LinkedIn contacts for relevant information that you are looking for at any moment.  On the hunt for a certain type of job?  Now you can search your contacts and their contacts for relevant keywords in their LinkedIn status updates such as “Direct Mail Hiring”, etc.
3. Want to get an idea what your network is saying about a topic at any given moment?  Signal can help with that too. Just type in a keyword and choose the group of people you want to search in and off you go.
Give this quick demo video a watch and then try LinkedIn’s new Signal feature for yourself and let us know what you think!

This Week on Twitter – Twitter Highlights From This Week That You Don’t Want to Miss!

I just got inspired by 37signals and their SVN blog posts in which they highlight the previous week’s tweets.

The Jewish Donor Blog is pleased to introduce our all new,  bi-weekly (or so) segment where we pick out and share with you the recent highlights from Twitter!!

Sound fun?  Well let’s give this a go and see what happens.

Please leave your comments on this post throughout the week with your favorite recent tweets for a chance to get them published in the Jewish Donor Blog’s next edition of “This week on Twitter”!

This week  my favorite tweets (in no particular order) are:

slerner Shimon Lerner  the world around us is erupting and I honestly don’t know if I should be: hopeful, scared, relieved or panicking
SpittyP Spencer CC Paysinger
“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere” #VanWilder who knew this movie gave advice.
questlove Questo of The Roots
lol “71% of americans weren’t alive during Sputnik and might mistake it for jewish soul food” the cbs analysts

jasonfried Jason Fried
“There is no wealth like health.” -Jack Lalanne

FrankConniff Frank Conniff
I’m curious about Larry Page, the new Google CEO. If only there were some quick way to search for information about him.
yoavkaufman Yoav Kaufman
“The mark of a great civilization is the willingness of its citizens to obey the unenforceable.” – Denny Hatch
Check back soon for more of our favorite tweets in the coming weeks.
Plus, make sure you don’t miss out on any of our latest tweets.  Be sure you follow us all on Twitter at:

NextMark Releases 4Q10 Data Card Quality Reports

From the Nextmark website, Nextmark releases the last quarter of 2010 data card quality reports.

Full reports by clicking here.

Checks out # 16 (out of 60)!  Way to go Negev Direct for keeping our data cards clean and up to date!!

Top List Managers For Data Card Quality ( 100-249

Rank Score Last Qtr Change List Management Company # Titles
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 W.S. Ponton, Inc. 203
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 Complete Medical Lists 181
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 165
1 100.0 99.0 +1.0 List Service Direct, Inc. 152
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 Political Fundraising Lists 134
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 MCH Strategic Data 130
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 Direct Market, LLC 100
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 Charles Moore Associates 100
9 99.0 99.0 +0.0 Yankee List Marketing 224
9 99.0 97.0 +2.0 Infocus Marketing, Inc. 179
11 98.0 97.0 +1.0 Q5 List Marketing 188
11 98.0 98.0 +0.0 InfoDirect, Inc. 187
11 98.0 98.0 +0.0 Key Marketing Advantage 134
11 98.0 98.0 +0.0 Marketing Advisory Group, Inc. 109
11 98.0 98.0 +0.0 Leon Henry Inc. 100
16 96.0 96.0 +0.0 Geon Media Group 230
16 96.0 96.0 +0.0 Negev Direct Marketing, Inc. 209
16 96.0 75.0 +21.0 Response Solutions LLC 196
19 95.0 71.0 +24.0 Global Addresses Inc. 199
19 95.0 96.0 -1.0 American Name Services 147
19 95.0 78.0 +17.0 The Rich List Company 140
22 94.0 93.0 +1.0 Trinity Direct 246
22 94.0 84.0 +10.0 JR Direct 155
24 90.0 87.0 +3.0 Marigold Technologies 222
24 90.0 93.0 -3.0 Atlantic List Company, Inc. 124
26 89.0 76.0 +13.0 Hilite Direct Marketing 199
26 89.0 72.0 +17.0 Data Direct Solutions 146
28 87.0 92.0 -5.0 ACTON Direct 129
28 87.0 86.0 +1.0 Rickard List Marketing 102
30 86.0 100.0 -14.0 Global Village Marketing & Data Services, Inc. 211
31 85.0 83.0 +2.0 Firstmark 240
31 85.0 88.0 -3.0 Regency Direct Mail 121
33 84.0 80.0 +4.0 Mardev-DM2 159
34 82.0 83.0 -1.0 Estee Marketing Group, Inc. 164
35 81.0 83.0 -2.0 Impulse Media Inc. 177
36 78.0 91.0 -13.0 World Innovators, Inc. 129
37 77.0 77.0 +0.0 ListSolutions 228
37 77.0 79.0 -2.0 Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc. 206
37 77.0 83.0 -6.0 Direct Communications Corp. 105
40 74.0 78.0 -4.0 American Christian Lists 236
40 74.0 75.0 -1.0 Infogroup Reseller 173
42 73.0 74.0 -1.0 Names In The News 196
42 73.0 97.0 -24.0 Interactive Marketing Solutions 117
44 72.0 74.0 -2.0 Country Marketing Ltd. 190
44 72.0 72.0 +0.0 GlaserDIRECT, Inc. 115
46 71.0 71.0 +0.0 Beach List Direct, Inc. 179
46 71.0 71.0 +0.0 Datamatrix Lists 102
48 69.0 69.0 +0.0 ConsumerBase 195
48 69.0 69.0 +0.0 Myllymaki & Company 128
50 68.0 68.0 +0.0 Professional Direct Marketing & Mailing Lists, Inc. 211
“Represents the top 50 out of 60 list management companies with 100-249 titles.”

Direct mail is expected to grow 5.8% to 47.8 billion in 2011

Repost from the blog.

Original blog post here by clicking here.

“As reported in DM News, Bruce Biegel of the Winterberry Group gave the Direct Marketing Club of New York a recap of 2010 and his forecast for 2011 for direct and digital advertising spending.”

“Some highlights from 2010”:

  • Direct / Digital ad spending was up 2.7% in 2010 vs. 2009 to $154.4 billion
  • Digital was $27.7 billion in 2010 comprising 18% of total
  • Online display spending grew 10.7% year over year
“Highlights looking forward to 2011”:
  • Direct / Digital ad spending predicted to be up 6.2% in 2011 vs. 2010 to $163.9 billion
  • Direct mail is expected to grow 5.8% to 47.8 billion – direct mail “still really works well for acquisition because it’s easier to target [than other channels].”
  • Digital as an acquisition tool is still finding its way

The Most Charitable Cities in the United States

“While PlayStations fill holiday gift lists, ’tis also the season for giving to the less fortunate. From donations to volunteerism, The Daily Beast ranks the cities with the biggest hearts.”

Link to full article from The Daily Beast – Most Charitable Cities

1. Seattle
2. San Francisco
3. Kansas City
4. Atlanta
5. Dallas
6. Minneapolis-St. Paul
7. Portland
8. Washington
9. Houston
10. Denver
11. Los Angeles
12. Philadelphia
13. Detroit
14. New York
15. St. Louis
16. Pittsburgh
17. Chicago
18. Cincinnati
19. Boston
20. San Diego
21. Cleveland
22. Phoenix
23. Miami
24. Milwaukee
25. Tampa-St. Petersburg

Mind The Gender Gap

Here’s some rather unpleasant news.

Ace reporter Jane Eisner of The Forward finds that women continue to lag behind men in both representation and compensation in Jewish communal organizations.

The Forward’s second annual survey of 74 major Jewish national organizations found that in the past year, women lost ground in leadership, continued to lag behind men in pay and did not experience the same increases in salary that a majority of the men enjoyed despite these recessionary times.

Overall, Jewish not-for-profit leaders took home more pay in 2009, but here, too, there was a serious gender gap: For men, the median salary increase was 5.82%; for women it was 1.42%. Only six leaders in our survey took no pay increase at all, and three of them were women.

Read the full article here.

Then do something about it.


Stop the Press! Forward Names Surman Associate Publisher

The Forward, America’s most influential Jewish weekly newspaper and website, has appointed Barry S. Surman associate publisher.

In his position, Surman will be responsible for growing both the print and digital revenues of the Forward – including both English- and Yiddish-language newspapers and websites –  while managing and overseeing their business operations.  Prior to joining the Forward, Surman co-founded and led Eye Multimedia LLC, a multimedia startup, and also consulted for a variety of businesses and not-for-profit projects.

Before that, Surman was the vice president of new business and strategic development, and vice president for classified advertising, for the New York Daily News. In those positions he was responsible for strategic partnerships, investment and acquisition activities, as well as leading advertising and classified sales teams.  Surman also held a series of management roles at The New York Times  in sales and marketing, product development and management, and corporate strategy and acquisitions; he worked in – or closely with – business units in multiple media segments, including digital media, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television broadcasting and production.

Earlier in his career, Surman was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and a professional journalist. His writing and photography have appeared in The New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, Congressional Quarterly, Technology Review and other outlets.

“Barry’s work in growing revenues and managing operations at major newspapers makes him a perfect fit for the associate publisher position,” said Samuel Norich, publisher of the Forward. “We are pleased to have his management, sales and operational experience, as the Forward continues to explore new business and editorial opportunities.”
Surman holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Columbia Business School.   He serves on the alumni board of The Tech, MIT’s student newspaper, and the board of directors of the nonprofit organization Upwardly Global.

“Religious Groups Fared Better Than Other Charities in Recession”

Image by Jerise Fogel,
Repost of an article by Holly Hall appearing in yesterdays online version of The Chronicle of Philanthropy

“As many charities suffered a decline of 10 percent or more in annual giving, donations to religious organizations fared relatively well from 2007 to 2009, according to a new studyreleased on Tuesday by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.”

“Charitable contributions declined by just 0.1 percent among 1,148 religious organizations whose financial statements were examined by the council. Sharper decreases have been found in other surveys: For example, the total raised by the Philanthropy 400, the nation’s largest charities, fell by 11 percent last year alone. All told, religious organizations in the study—which make up some 80 percent of the council’s members—raised $12.10-billion last year, down from $12.11-billion in 2007 before the recession hit.”

Big Charities Did Best

“Large religious organizations, with revenues that exceed $10-million a year, did better than smaller groups: Their contributions increased by 1.4 percent from 2007 to 2009. Religious charities with smaller budgets saw a 6.9-percent decline in giving.”

“Comparing the findings to other surveys that have found bigger recession-related drops in giving, council officials said that their study underscores the commitment of Christian donors during hard times.”

“The council found the largest increases in contributions among 62 religious organizations that serve children. From 2007 to 2009, giving to 11 groups that seek child sponsors who make monthly gifts to help needy youths rose by 26 percent. Thirteen other charities that care for orphans reported a 12-percent increase, and 14 charities that provide adoption services saw donations rise by 9 percent. Twenty-four children’s homes in the study reported a 6-percent increase.”

Non-Profit Event: NextGen: Charity

Where: November 18th NYC

How: Tickets here – Buy Tickets
What & Specifically Where: “NextGen: Charity is a conference on non-profit innovation aimed to help you run your organization more effectively and efficiently, and connect with donors and your community more powerfully. Day 1 is full of fun and inspiring talks from world leaders at the AXA Equitable Theater located at 787 Seventh Avenue in the heart of Times Square, Day 2 is engaging and interactive workshops at the prestigious Columbia University located at 2920 Broadway.
This year features celebrity presenters: Seth Godin (#1 business blogger & 12-time bestselling author), Nancy Lublin ( & Dress For Success founder), Scott Harrison (charity:water), Peter Thum and Jonathan Greenblatt (Ethos Water), Scott Belsky (Behance), Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook),  Joanne Heyman(Urban Zen) and many others. Talks are short (between 6 and 18 minutes), and are emotional and inspiring.”

Who:  2010 Presenters

Seth Godin: Bestselling Author, Squidoo

Jonathan Greenblatt:Ethos Water, All For Good

Scott Harrison: charity: water

Gordon J Campbell: United Way

Randi Zuckerberg :Facebook

Nancy Lublin, Dress For Success

Soraya Darabi:Foodspotting, NYTimes

Scott Belsky : Behance, Making Ideas Happen

Joanne Heyman: Heyman & Co, Urban Zen

Matt Mahan : Causes (Facebook)

Melissa Kushner:GoodsForGood

Nate Westheimer:NYTechMeetup,AnyClip

Rachel Sklar: Huffington Post, Charitini

Adam Smolyar: Jewish Federations

Ari Teman: JCorps, Vh1 Comedian

Ellen McGirt: Fast Company

David Saltzman: Robin Hood Foundation

Sandy Cardin:Schusterman Foundation

Sasha Dichter: Acumen Fund

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