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Shameless Self Promotion

New Negev Direct Website Coming Soon!

Brand new website coming soon for Negev Direct Marketing! So excited. It’s shaping up really nicely. Just a few tweaks left to fix before we go live!


The Jewish Donor Blog Is 8 Years Old!

640 posts later we are celebrating 8 years of blogging. THANK YOU!birthday-8

List Deal! Save $400 off the L.A. Jewish Journal Email List Now!

Rent the L.A. Jewish Journal email list for an early Rosh Hashana marketing campaign for $80o! That’s $400 off the regular rate of $1,200!

This offer is for a limited time only.JewishJournal Logo

As of this moment, the open dates include:

  • · 8/24
  • · 8/25
  • · 8/27
  • · 8/28
  • · 8/31


  • · Dimensions: maximum size 600 x 900 pixels
  • · Specifications: JPG or TIFF file format
  • · URL: Up to you
  • · Creative Deadline: Three business days prior to start date
  • · This offer is available until the space is filled

This offer is time sensitive and available until filled.

If interested email or call Negev Direct Marketing at 646-201-4080.

New List: Negev Direct Jewish Demographic Database – U.S. Cell Phones

297,000+ cell phone numbers of potential Jewish donors, buyers and subscribers in the U.S..

Need to reach your target audience on the phone they’re around the most? This list gives you access to cell phones, the phone people carry with them for a good part of each day.

*Please check how the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations apply to or affect your client.

As of Today, We’ve Been Blogging for 7 Years!

The Jewish Donor Blog has now existed for 7 whole years! Jan. 2008 – Jan. 2015.

625 posts, so many views and clicks from our awesome readers and we’re still going!

BTW, how old is 7 years in blog years? Aren’t blog years like dog years?

Thank you!



Jewish Donor Blog Makes List of The Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs in The World!

top 150“There are hundreds of nonprofit related blogs out there, but do you ever wonder which ones everyone else is reading”

Craig Van Korlaar (t: @vankorlaar) did, which is why he compiled a list of the world’s most popular nonprofit blogs.

Here’s his list of the worlds top 150 non-profit blogs:

Check out #101!

99 Breaking News From Third Sector
100 NP Communicator
101 Jewish Donor Blog
102 Minnesota Council On Foundations Blog
103 Jolkona Blog

Top Ten Posts of 2012 on the

We posted just 35 times in 2012. Although to be fair, since our blog was redesigned, re-formatted and down for a good portion of 2012, we’ll take the 35 posts and build on that for 2013.

Here are the top 10 posts of 2012 on the based on number of clicks and views.

By the way, in late January of 2013 we will have been blogging for a full five years. top ten posts of 2012 based on views and clicks.






6. PASSOVER 2012





We’ve Officially Been Blogging for Four Years!

1.22.08 – 1.22.12

Thanks for your continued interest!

Let Us Give Thanks

It’s almost Thanksgiving, but Israel is number one.
In turkey consumption.
For years, Israel has led the world in per-capita consumption of turkey meat. The contest hasn’t even been close.
Israelis consume an average of more than 20 kg. of turkey meat per year, the next-highest consumers, Americans, eat just under 8 kg. per person. The same goes for turkey as a percentage of poultry consumed: In Israel, the figure is more than 20 percent, while in the US that figure stands at roughly 15%, and in Europe it is only about 5%.
Enjoy the Holiday!
          We Eat Turkey Shwarma                                                                                                                                        You Eat Roast Turkey

JDB’s 500th Blog Post + Introducing Our Brand New Twitter Page!!

Yes dear readers, this is The Jewish Donor Blog’s 500th blog post!  Yippee!

We started out in January 2008 with our very first post about fundraising strategy  that we called: “Buy high sell low

Three years and three + months later we want to thank you for your continued interest.

AND to make it even better, we have this fantastic news so share with you:

As of today, Negev Direct Marketing, Inc. has a brand new Twitter page!

Check us out at!/NegevDirect

Our old account http://twitter/JewishDonorBlog is no longer active, but we like our new page a whole lot better.

With big help from one of the possessional graphic designers that we work with, we created a Twitter page that shares the look and feel of our website

Check us out on our new Twitter page.  Follow us if you want all our latest blog posts and more.  Let us know what you think of the new design!

Negev Direct Marketing – 20 Years of Excellence

This year is Negev Direct’s 20th year in business!
That’s 20 years of providing excellent service for our clients direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns.

As part of our celebration, we created a new version of our company logo.  The new version has “20 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE” on the bottom to commemorate this milestone.

We look forward to the next 20 years of helping our clients with their direct marketing campaigns!

Salvador Dali, Zionist

Who knew?

In 1968 Dali produced a limited edition set of 25 colored lithographs to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. The title piece of the suite, reproduced here, was also made into a fine art poster.

One of the copies will on display at the Hillel at Emory University in March. Negev Direct is proud to be the exclusive list manager and broker for the Hillel Foundation.

Read a detailed report on the exhibit by our friends at E Jewish Philanthropy.


Happy Three Year Birthday to the Jewish Donor Blog!! is 3 years old as of yesterday! 
Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear Jewish Donor Blog, happy birthday to us.
It’s been a really good experience posting all these years and in general it’s been worth every single second.
And we’re still only getting started…
Thank you all very much for your continued support and feedback over the years.
January 22nd 2008 to January 22nd 2011
462 posts!
Tens of thousands of page views and clicks!
Hundreds of daily readers!
We look forward to many more years of blogging about Jewish fundraising, marketing, and life in Israel!!

NextMark Releases 4Q10 Data Card Quality Reports

From the Nextmark website, Nextmark releases the last quarter of 2010 data card quality reports.

Full reports by clicking here.

Checks out # 16 (out of 60)!  Way to go Negev Direct for keeping our data cards clean and up to date!!

Top List Managers For Data Card Quality ( 100-249

Rank Score Last Qtr Change List Management Company # Titles
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 W.S. Ponton, Inc. 203
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 Complete Medical Lists 181
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 165
1 100.0 99.0 +1.0 List Service Direct, Inc. 152
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 Political Fundraising Lists 134
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 MCH Strategic Data 130
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 Direct Market, LLC 100
1 100.0 100.0 +0.0 Charles Moore Associates 100
9 99.0 99.0 +0.0 Yankee List Marketing 224
9 99.0 97.0 +2.0 Infocus Marketing, Inc. 179
11 98.0 97.0 +1.0 Q5 List Marketing 188
11 98.0 98.0 +0.0 InfoDirect, Inc. 187
11 98.0 98.0 +0.0 Key Marketing Advantage 134
11 98.0 98.0 +0.0 Marketing Advisory Group, Inc. 109
11 98.0 98.0 +0.0 Leon Henry Inc. 100
16 96.0 96.0 +0.0 Geon Media Group 230
16 96.0 96.0 +0.0 Negev Direct Marketing, Inc. 209
16 96.0 75.0 +21.0 Response Solutions LLC 196
19 95.0 71.0 +24.0 Global Addresses Inc. 199
19 95.0 96.0 -1.0 American Name Services 147
19 95.0 78.0 +17.0 The Rich List Company 140
22 94.0 93.0 +1.0 Trinity Direct 246
22 94.0 84.0 +10.0 JR Direct 155
24 90.0 87.0 +3.0 Marigold Technologies 222
24 90.0 93.0 -3.0 Atlantic List Company, Inc. 124
26 89.0 76.0 +13.0 Hilite Direct Marketing 199
26 89.0 72.0 +17.0 Data Direct Solutions 146
28 87.0 92.0 -5.0 ACTON Direct 129
28 87.0 86.0 +1.0 Rickard List Marketing 102
30 86.0 100.0 -14.0 Global Village Marketing & Data Services, Inc. 211
31 85.0 83.0 +2.0 Firstmark 240
31 85.0 88.0 -3.0 Regency Direct Mail 121
33 84.0 80.0 +4.0 Mardev-DM2 159
34 82.0 83.0 -1.0 Estee Marketing Group, Inc. 164
35 81.0 83.0 -2.0 Impulse Media Inc. 177
36 78.0 91.0 -13.0 World Innovators, Inc. 129
37 77.0 77.0 +0.0 ListSolutions 228
37 77.0 79.0 -2.0 Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc. 206
37 77.0 83.0 -6.0 Direct Communications Corp. 105
40 74.0 78.0 -4.0 American Christian Lists 236
40 74.0 75.0 -1.0 Infogroup Reseller 173
42 73.0 74.0 -1.0 Names In The News 196
42 73.0 97.0 -24.0 Interactive Marketing Solutions 117
44 72.0 74.0 -2.0 Country Marketing Ltd. 190
44 72.0 72.0 +0.0 GlaserDIRECT, Inc. 115
46 71.0 71.0 +0.0 Beach List Direct, Inc. 179
46 71.0 71.0 +0.0 Datamatrix Lists 102
48 69.0 69.0 +0.0 ConsumerBase 195
48 69.0 69.0 +0.0 Myllymaki & Company 128
50 68.0 68.0 +0.0 Professional Direct Marketing & Mailing Lists, Inc. 211
“Represents the top 50 out of 60 list management companies with 100-249 titles.”

Top 10 JDB Posts of 2010

The top 10 posts of 2010 as far as the combined number of views and clicks on the Jewish Donor Blog are, drum roll please…

1. Happy (almost) Chanukah from the Negev!

If you were reading our posts throughout 2010, thank you very much for following along, we appreciate your dedication. If you’re new to our blog, we look forward to you reading along in 2011 in what will be our fourth year of blogging… which will make us somewhat old in blogging years!

Searching for Fundraising Ideas?

Why Our Camel Wears a Hat

It’s a balmy 42 degrees C in Beersheva today.

That’s 107.6 degrees F, but who’s counting.


New Jews In The News

My lack of interest in sports is boundless, but when one of the top athletes in the world announces that he is Jewish, even I sit up and take notice.

NBA superstar Amar’e Stoudemire is Jewish.


And as of today, he’s in Israel. If only for a first visit.

Will the power forward join the Israeli National Team?

Right now, that’s not too likely.

But he did just move from Phoenix to New York, so he’s headed in the right direction.

Check out the full story here.

David is a FREE tool that lets you know how you can improve on your website!

logo from the website

I just tried out and I feel like I’m back in school again, but in a good way!

Whether you have a non-profit website or a business website, I highly recommend giving this free and useful web tool a spin.

At the very least you’ll be able to see where your website stands, and even better you’ll be able to see how you can improve on your site.

You can even check out the grades of competing websites!

What are the criteria uses to give your website a grade?

Content, presence and grade of your blog, Google indexed pages, metadata, domain info, MOZ rank, inbound links, Twitter grade, Google Buzz count, and traffic rank among other things.

So how did our company site, fair against the competition? – Website Grade: 95 (out of 100)!  Hooray!!! – Website Grade: 36 – Website Grade: 61 – Website Grade: 55 also has some other free grading tools for Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs which I also tried out. Those grades however don’t seem to pull accurate data.  The LinkedIn tool grader showed that I have zero connections when I actually have well over 200.

Have fun trying out and feel free to post your website’s grade in the comments area of this post if you feel like sharing the good news!

BTW, this recommendation was unsolicited, I just really like the site so I thought I would share!

Negev Direct: Battle Tested & Ready

Some of you may remember the situation in December 2008 through January 2009 when Beersheva and most of the south of Israel was under rocket bombardment from Gaza.

Negev Direct stayed open the entire time and did not close for even one day. Plus we provided on-line, real-time reports to our clients.

As we said at the time, NDM is the only battle-tested list company in the world.

But now even better news. The Iron Dome missile defense system has passed its final test and Beersheva will soon be fully protected. Ergo, so will Negev Direct Marketing international headquarters. Please refer to the graphic above.

Then read the full story here in Ha’aretz Online


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