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This Week on Twiiter

This Week on Twitter – Twitter Highlights From This Week That You Don’t Want to Miss!

GhostOsama Osama Bin Laden
Well this sucks…I accidentally enabled location on my tweets.
AndrewWheating Andrew Wheating
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill
mikehofman mikehofman
“Your existing customers are the most imp people in your life. You should pet them every day. Online,” says @Jason_Pollock#growco
yoavkaufman Yoav Kaufman

Nobody Actually Likes Your Brand’s Stupid Facebook Page (via…
SteveMartinToGo Steve Martin
Twitter over capacity! Couldn’t Tweet for 30 minutes. Forced to tell doorman that I had Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Not the same.
M_Ahmadinejad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Despite rumors, the Ayatollah and I are doing fine. After a nice lunch and a day of antiquing, things couldn’t be better.
IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz visited the Iron Dome battery in southern Israel yesterday, 28 March:

JDB’s 500th Blog Post + Introducing Our Brand New Twitter Page!!

Yes dear readers, this is The Jewish Donor Blog’s 500th blog post!  Yippee!

We started out in January 2008 with our very first post about fundraising strategy  that we called: “Buy high sell low

Three years and three + months later we want to thank you for your continued interest.

AND to make it even better, we have this fantastic news so share with you:

As of today, Negev Direct Marketing, Inc. has a brand new Twitter page!

Check us out at!/NegevDirect

Our old account http://twitter/JewishDonorBlog is no longer active, but we like our new page a whole lot better.

With big help from one of the possessional graphic designers that we work with, we created a Twitter page that shares the look and feel of our website

Check us out on our new Twitter page.  Follow us if you want all our latest blog posts and more.  Let us know what you think of the new design!

This Week on Twitter

MrStevenGeorge Steven George

“The real measure of our wealth is how much we’d be worth if we lost all our money.” ~John Jowett #PrayForJapan #JapanRecovery
IsraelNewsfeed Israel National News

11-Year-Old Yoav’s Legacy: ‘Love Everyone”:
jasonfried Jason Fried

Imitation is the sincerest form of ending up in second place.
jtanews JTA | Jewish news

North American immigrants lead in Israel’s nonprofit sector
chuckdevore Chuck DeVore

Homicide bomber in Jerusalem injures 25, 2 long-range HAMAS rockets hit Be’er Sheva, HAMAS shells Ashdod. #tcot #rs
benjilovitt Benji Lovitt

RT @MarkKorman I am just waiting for the UN to claim Israelis committed crimes against humanity for riding the bus.
yoavkaufman Yoav Kaufman

Here’s to a peaceful and restful Shabbat in the #Negev#Jerusalemand all of #Israel.
Ithacaron Ron P

Congrats to the 10,000 runners from 40 countries in the First ever Jerusalem marathon. A great success.

This Week on Twitter

jakeberkman Jacob Berkman

Jerusalem_Post Jerusalem Post News Grad rockets fall on Beersheba neighborhood: Katyushas cause extensive damage, are first Grad launch since Cast …

kinbot Kinneret Bot
Hooray! The Kinneret rose 10cm to -213.5m, 50cm below the lower red line, between 20/2/2011 and 21/2/2011. #Israel
AndrewWheating Andrew Wheating
Make mistakes, learn from them, laugh about them, and move along.
JewishJournal JewishJournal
Uncle Leo! Goodbye!!
Philanthropy Philanthropy
More details on Obama’s plan to cut the charitable deduction in proposed #budget
hughhefner Hugh Hefner
A lot of people seem to be confusing Reality TV with reality. They’re really not the same.

This Week on Twitter – Twitter Highlights From This Week That You Don’t Want to Miss!

I just got inspired by 37signals and their SVN blog posts in which they highlight the previous week’s tweets.

The Jewish Donor Blog is pleased to introduce our all new,  bi-weekly (or so) segment where we pick out and share with you the recent highlights from Twitter!!

Sound fun?  Well let’s give this a go and see what happens.

Please leave your comments on this post throughout the week with your favorite recent tweets for a chance to get them published in the Jewish Donor Blog’s next edition of “This week on Twitter”!

This week  my favorite tweets (in no particular order) are:

slerner Shimon Lerner  the world around us is erupting and I honestly don’t know if I should be: hopeful, scared, relieved or panicking
SpittyP Spencer CC Paysinger
“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere” #VanWilder who knew this movie gave advice.
questlove Questo of The Roots
lol “71% of americans weren’t alive during Sputnik and might mistake it for jewish soul food” the cbs analysts

jasonfried Jason Fried
“There is no wealth like health.” -Jack Lalanne

FrankConniff Frank Conniff
I’m curious about Larry Page, the new Google CEO. If only there were some quick way to search for information about him.
yoavkaufman Yoav Kaufman
“The mark of a great civilization is the willingness of its citizens to obey the unenforceable.” – Denny Hatch
Check back soon for more of our favorite tweets in the coming weeks.
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