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web 2.0 is a FREE tool that lets you know how you can improve on your website!

logo from the website

I just tried out and I feel like I’m back in school again, but in a good way!

Whether you have a non-profit website or a business website, I highly recommend giving this free and useful web tool a spin.

At the very least you’ll be able to see where your website stands, and even better you’ll be able to see how you can improve on your site.

You can even check out the grades of competing websites!

What are the criteria uses to give your website a grade?

Content, presence and grade of your blog, Google indexed pages, metadata, domain info, MOZ rank, inbound links, Twitter grade, Google Buzz count, and traffic rank among other things.

So how did our company site, fair against the competition? – Website Grade: 95 (out of 100)!  Hooray!!! – Website Grade: 36 – Website Grade: 61 – Website Grade: 55 also has some other free grading tools for Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs which I also tried out. Those grades however don’t seem to pull accurate data.  The LinkedIn tool grader showed that I have zero connections when I actually have well over 200.

Have fun trying out and feel free to post your website’s grade in the comments area of this post if you feel like sharing the good news!

BTW, this recommendation was unsolicited, I just really like the site so I thought I would share!

Featured Cause:

Every once in a while we’ll feature a different Jewish cause here on the Jewish Donor Blog so you can get an idea of the wide variety of Jewish organizations and causes that thrive today.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a cause that’s more of a window of opportunity for you to view and support a variety of different causes that you may or may not have known about before.

Today’s featured cause is is the website of Jewish causes of Choice, Inc, a US 501(c)(3). This innovative social networking platform aims to encourage young Jewish giving through the Jewish tradition of Tzedakah.  The site features carefully selected non-profits and allows users to find, evaluate and support meaningful Jewish causes while connecting with a like-minded network of young Jewish donors.”

“Members of JChoice can create personalized accounts where they can blog about their favorite causes, email and invite friends, view and upload photos and videos, and share their Divrei Torah and Mitzvah Projects. By promoting Tzedakah to Jewish youth, we believe that this mentality of giving will be carried forward for the rest of their lives.”

The Barmitzvah Registryis another key component of the site which allows Bar and Bat Mitzvah guests to purchase donation gift cards. The platform also allows the honoree to create a registry with charities of his/her choice where guests can give their gift directly online! All donations are 100% tax deductible.”

Join today and experience the Mitzvah of Tzedakah!”

I really like this video featuring The Jewish Heart for Africa cause, one of the causes that you can give to through the website.

It does a nice job of giving you a first hand look, through video, of the people who benefit from giving to this cause as well as some of the technology that is given to help the cause.  That is something a lot of non-profits actually miss in their fundraising appeals and something that is well addressed in the format of a video or in this case on the YouTube Channel.

The Social Media Guidebook You Need to Read Today

Eloqua Social Media Playbook

New Features Added to The Jewish Donor Blog Today!

You may notice some new changes starting today with the blog!

The updates include:

  •  New retweet button at the end of each post for easier re-tweeting to your Twitter account.
  •  New Facebook Like button at the end of each post so you can easily like our posts on Facebook.
  •  New featured video area on the sidebar with YouTube videos we think you’ll enjoy.
  •  Brand new easier to use and feature packed comments area at the end of each post to facilitate conversation and discussion on the each post topic.  Just click on the comment button at the end of a post to see the full comments area.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these new features and we will happily listen to any suggestions you have on changes that we can add to the blog going forward!

Facebook it. Tweet it. Tag it with #ish.

In all fairness I actually know a fair amount of Jewish mechanics, but this is still funny and I can relate.

Facebook it. Tweet it. Tag it with #ish. Every #ish earns .25 cents towards the #ish fund.

What’s your #ish?

Follow The Jewish Donor Blog in 140 Characters or Less

The Jewish Donor Blog has a brand new Twitter page!!

Stop by at see what were all about.

Our Twitter handle is:


Send us a message on Twitter, we’d love to hear from you!

Tweet.  Tweet.  Tweet.

Being Jewish Means Something Different to Everyone

What’s your #ish?

The Jewish Federation wants to know what being Jew-#ish measns to you.

Logon to Twitter and let the Jewish Federation know what being Jewish means to you.

Cast your vote for the best #ish and see all the latest #ish’s here:

** Update!!  I am the featured #ish of the day!! **  Cast your vote today!

What’s Your #ish?: via @addthis– Featured #ish of day the day!! Thanks for the honor @jfederarations

Marketing Tips from the Inc. 5000 Conference

“Zingerman’s founder Ari Weinzweig and other top entrepreneurs at this year’s Inc. 500 Conference offer their marketing secrets.”

By Inc. Staff | Dec 16, 2009

Manage All Your Donations Online is a new website that makes it easy to manage your contributions.

Set up an account. Add the organizations you want to donate to and the monthly amounts you want to give.

Done! has 12 Jewish organizations listed so far.
If your organization is not listed, you’ll miss out.
So sign up now.

4th Annual DoGooder Non-Profit Video Awards – Cast Your Vote Today

16 finalists. 4 winners. $10,000 in grants from the Case Foundation up for grabs.

Thanks to @jeffbrooks at Future Fundraising Now for the tip on Twitter.

Start a Blog for Your Jewish Nonprofit

Starting a blog for your nonprofit?  Good idea!

Blogging can be an inexpensive, interactive and expressive way to raise awareness for your cause.

You don’t want to wind up spinning your wheels. So before you invest time and money into blogging, watch the following power point presentation for some very helpful blogging tips.

Source: “Using the right blog metrics” by Jay Baer on 2.10.10 from the Com Metrics Blog

11 Must Dos For The Serious Blogger

View more presentations from Jay Baer.

Direct Mail “Quotes”

Denny Hatch has been in the marketing industry 50+ years and I tend to think that he’s one of the foremost experts in the field of direct mail marketing.
These are a few of Denny’s quotes from his recent article in the Target Marketing e newsletter.
  • “In this high-tech, connected world of the Internet and e-communications, many marketers think they can save money by relying solely on e-mail efforts. I urge all marketers not to ignore old-fashioned direct mail.”
  • “Recent surveys have shown that many in the 18-to-34 age group prefer old fashioned direct mail to e-mail. The reason: their brainpans are grafted to the Internet and their in-boxes are a perpetual blizzard of Spam—which they HATE, and do not trust people that send it.”
  • “If you have the budget, test direct mail alone, e-mail alone and a combination of the two.”
Source: Target Marketing e newsletter

Fundraising “Quote”

“2010 is not going to be the year of social media. 2010 is going to be the year of relationships. Yes, it will be the social media toolset that invigorates relationships. There is a subtle mindset that will separate winners and losers.”

From SocialSteve Blog

— Jan. 4, “2010 – Don’t Think Social Media, Think Relationships,” posted by Steve Goldner, SocialSteve’s Blog

“First Federation Joins JGooders Donor Network”


“The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington became the first U.S. federation to sign on with the JGooders online platform to reach new donors.

The Washington-area federation will use the JGooders platform to raise awareness for its projects and reach out to small donors.

JGooders connects donors and volunteers with Israeli and Jewish projects worldwide by giving nonprofit organizations cost-effective exposure to a large, often untapped pool of supporters around the world, including hard-to-reach demographics such as teenagers and young adults.

The Washington federation has four projects on the site.

JGooders has about 130 Jewish organizations as clients, including major groups such as the Jewish Agency, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, American Friends of Magen David Adom and World ORT, as well as small and medium-sized organizations.”

“PR 101 for charities”

Editorial from the


“A few days ago, for the first time ever, the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services made public the amount of shekels it contributes to Israel’s third sector.

While the announcement of the NIS 1.5 billion its spends on outsourcing projects to local non-profits was not newsworthy enough to make big headlines, the willingness of a government office to share information on the charity industry was a welcome change for a sector that is growing increasingly secretive about its inner workings.

In an attempt to encourage local media to publish this data, ministry officials pointed out that non-profits are very quick to cry poverty and bemoan a drop in their fund-raising but often very slow to acknowledge those who do support their activities.”

“One development that might force a change in the near future is the creation of the online portal GuideStar Israel ( A joint initiative by the Ministry of Justice, Yad Hanadiv (the Rothschild Foundation) and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-Israel, GuideStar, which is not yet active, aims eventually to provide a forum for all non-profits in Israel to list their activities and share information, as well as reach out to donors.”

Full article here

“Google and Facebook Skip Presents, Parties in Favor of Giving”

Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

December 22, 2009

“The Internet giant Google is forgoing its annual round of gifts to major users of its advertising platforms, instead donating $20-million to charity on behalf of its ad partners, reports TechCrunch.

A message sent to all users of Google’s AdSense and AdWords products states that the firm “decided to do something a little different this year” and includes a link to a Web page with a brief holiday message and a list of 25 organizations that will share in the gift, including Feeding America, Harlem Children’s Zone, and World Wildlife Fund.

TechCrunch also reports that some Facebook staff members are skipping a holiday party in favor of philanthropy. The social network’s communications and policy staff sent messages to would-be invitees with virtual tokens good for $25 donations at the school-aid site”

Checkless Fundraising?

From: the Agitator Blog

By Tom Belford

December 18, 2009

“In a comment on The Agitator, Jim Toscano of the Minneapolis Heart Foundation says that checks will no longer be used in Britain in nine years.

And he asks: “What effect would it have on our fund-raising process if donors didn’t have a check to use to convey funds?” Fascinating question.

But first of all, can any of our UK readers confirm Jim’s report?

Assuming he’s got the scoop, let’s think about his question.

A key objective of direct mail fundraising has always been to simplify the response process, right up to and including a stamped reply envelope. And to support the close — “Send your check NOW!” — the best mail packages include an “order card” that drives home the “ask” by underscoring the most motivating sales points … and that makes it easy for the donor to provide necessary contact information.

When Jim’s check-less scenario comes to pass (at least in the UK), fundraisers using letters will need to motivate prospects to undertake a more complicated and time-consuming process … go to a computer, (perhaps) wait for it to boot up, navigate manually to the correct landing page, and once there, finally begin the actual transaction process (of course, mid-way through that process, the donor realizes that she doesn’t have her credit card handy!).

Will this extended process have an adverse impact on response? I’d say, definitely.

Some possible implications of a check-less fundraising environment …

1. The letter (if fundraisers are still using a letter!) must carry the “sale” on its own.

2. Alternatively, the “order card” becomes some sort of “reminder” card to be set aside to furnish the needed landing page URL when it’s convenient for the donor to go online and consider giving.

3. The landing page becomes the order card, and as such carries no less (and perhaps more) importance than the original pitch letter itself. But this is the way online fundraisers should be thinking about dedicated “donate” pages anyway.


4. The check-less environment simply accelerates the transition to strictly online fundraising … where, done correctly, there is the least transactional “friction” to deter a committed donor from actually making a gift, right then and there. This is not a certainty … most fundraisers report they have plenty of “cross-over” donors currently who respond to direct mail appeals via the online channel.

But whichever scenario emerges as far as how the pitch is first communicated to the prospect, what is certain is that credit/debit cards and EFTs will become the only transactional mode. Hopefully, in nine years the percentage of consumers/donors who remain resistant to electronic bill paying will be negligible. In the UK, what alternative will they have?

Any other thoughts on check-less fundraising?”

Chase Community Giving

Vote today for your favorite charities on Facebook.

The top charities with the most votes win a share of $5,000,000.00 compliments of!

“Philanthropic Portal to Raise Funds for Israel’s Charities”

By RUTH EGLASH 11.27.09

“Israel’s non-profit sector got a welcome boost this month when the only fully-bilingual donation portal formally launched operations, aiming to raise money for some 26,000 registered charities here.

“Our main goal is to show the positive side of Israel,” Yonatan Ben-Dor, Founder of IsraelGives, told The Jerusalem Post Thursday. “The site provides information on every non-profit here and also provides charities a chance to showcase their work. The world needs to know about the hundreds of thousands of people and non-profit organizations working to make Israel a better place. It’s a side of this country that has been hidden for too long.”, which is run in tandem with Hebrew-language Web site, allows users here and around the world to learn about and donate to any of Israel’s non-profit organizations. It also enables organizations to gain financial independence from large donors by opening access to online micro-donations from rank-and-file Israelis and supporters of Israel around the world.

IsraelGives is not the first donation portal. was launched a year ago to allow English-speakers worldwide to contribute to Israel. Ben-Dor said that his portal is uniquely bi-lingual and is free for non-profits to join. It also allows organizations to collect tax-exempt donations in both Israeli shekels and U.S. dollars.

“We have three social collaborators [financial supporters],” said Ben-Dor, adding that they preferred to remain anonymous at this point. “And part of our income comes from the two-and-a-half percent service fee for every donation made.”

Since beginning its online work just under a year ago as a pilot site, IsraelGives has already raised a total of some $400,000 for Israel’s third sector – roughly $30,000 a month, Ben-Dor estimates. Now that the Web site is official, however, he hopes it will collect more for the struggling sector.”

Full article here

The Future of Fundraising

“The future of fundraising is not about social media, online video, or SEM. It’s not about any technology, medium, or technique.It’s about donors.If you need to raise funds from donors, you need to study them, respect them, and build everything you do around them. And the future? It’s already here.”

— From the “What This Blog is About” section of Jeff Brooks’ new project,Future Fundraising Now

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