Finding a Jewish Plumber within the Community

Plumbing issues prop up on almost any household. No matter how strictly a home is maintained, plumbing emergencies can still take place. And this is the reason why households should have a ready contact they can count on should plumbing emergencies arise.

Finding a Jewish Plumber within the Community
Professional plumbing services within the Jewish community. (Photo Credits)

For most Jewish families, they would of course prefer a plumbing contractor from their own Jewish community. And while the number of Jewish service providers or contractors would vary from state to state, there are a number of ways one could tap the service person they prefer for the job at hand.

Here are some ways:

  1. Ask for referrals. Call up and ask family or friends about referrals for a Jewish plumbing service within the community. Chances are they have encountered one, and they will be more than willing to make a recommendation. Another advantage of taking this route is that you will most likely end up with a great plumber because people will not recommend someone who did a lousy job in their home, or has overcharged them.
  2. Check out Jewish Online Business Directories. If there are several Jewish businesses operating within the community, there will most likely be an online directory that will list down the company names, services, and other business information of these plumbing contractors.

In Toronto, Canada for instance, there is a website that serves as a Jewish Resource Directory. The Jewish Pages has collated the many Jewish-run businesses and service providers that may be of interest to the Jewish community. The said directory is available online, and hardcopies are distributed as well in public areas.

“JewishPages is the only Jewish-Israeli Yellow Pages directory for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We serve the local Jewish-Israeli community with referrals to services, products and information required for living in Toronto. We are proud to have been serving this special, ever-growing community since 1995. Our directory introduces businesses with services and products customized and targeted at the local Jewish-Israeli community. We publish a new updated directory every year and constantly update our website. Our directories reach over 200,000 Jewish-Israeli users across the GTA. The JewishPages directory is distributed free of charge around the GTA to Jewish neighborhoods such as Thornhill, North York, Willowdale, Richmond Hill, Concord, Forest Hill, Bathurst/Lawrence etc.”

Take a look at the directory here.

  1. Inquire from a neighborhood plumbing contractor services. Ask these contractors if they have a Jewish plumber in their employ and request that they assign that particular plumber to your home. Most contractors would not mind the request.

Seeking the services of a Jewish plumber can be easy especially in communities with a sizeable Jewish population.

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