Flood Damaged Jewish Schools

Jewish educational institutions also saw the wrath of catastrophic hurricanes and storms that have brought about flooding to their schools and campuses. Jewish schools in Houston, Texas for instance suffered a lot of flood-damage that classes have been suspended to give way to flood restoration and remediation.

Times of Israel for instance published an article saying that it will take time for the Jewish Community in Houston to rebuild their community following the flood damage brought about by Hurricane Harvey.

Flood Damaged Jewish Schools
Flood damage can affect all types of buildings and structures, including schools. (Photo Credits)

The Evelyn Rubinstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, the city’s only JCC, was flooded with 10 feet of water, and Jewish schools remain closed, with some experiencing major flooding. ‘I’ll be completely transparent, it’s devastating,’ Baranowski said. ‘This is a flood that no one could have anticipated it getting as bad as it did; it was a worst-case scenario. We live in a community that is densely populated in an area that got severely impacted by the weather.’ Kosher food is another issue.”

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Flooded Jewish Schools in Australia

In Melbourne, two Jewish schools have closed down due to flood damage following a massive flooding incident that inundated some of Melbourne’s suburbs.

The Jerusalem Post published the report which mentioned the closure of a synagogue during Sabbath, and the closure of the said educational institutions.

“At least two Jewish schools were also flooded, with Bialik College – one of the largest Jewish schools in the country – reportedly closing for two days this week due to damage. The offices of the Australian Jewish News were also partially flooded, according to Yossi Aron, the newspaper’s religious affairs editor. ‘The streets were like rivers,’ Aron told JTA. He said one house in a low-lying area of his street was completely flooded. ‘The water was waist high.’ Driving rain and wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour battered Victoria, ripping roofs from buildings, felling trees and closing roads, schools and other premises.”

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Outpouring of help

And though educational institutions may have been paralyzed by flood damage, efforts to aid in the restoration through relief and assistance pour on the flood damaged Jewish communities. In Houston, for instance, the flooded schools received aid from their counterpart Jewish schools in other parts of the country. This was chronicled by STL Jewish Light in of the news items that they published.

“Andrea Newstead, director of technology, said part of the student-driven initiative came about when a friend of hers who had a daughter at the Texas school told her its first floor had been flooded. The Mirowitz children looked around their own classroom and tried to determine what might have been damaged at their counterparts’ school. The resulting idea was a book collection with both new and used books being corralled for the drive. The Brodsky Library also gave some volumes.”

The continuation of this news article can be found here.

Schools are indeed very much affected when storm-damage hits. It is important that it be restored immediately so as to avoid further damages and issues.


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