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Hebrew Free Burial Association in the News

In an article entitled “A century after one of N.Y.’s worst fires, we still struggle with how to bury the poor” the New York Daily News mark’s the 100th anniversary of the infamous Triangle Shirt Factory Fire.

The Hebrew Free Burial Association helped bury 22 of the Triangle factory workers who died in the tragic 1911 fire and they continue to provide free burial services for those without the means today.

Negev Direct proudly manages the HFBA mailing list.

From the article:

“The people (HFBA) serve, like those who lie on Hart Island, scraped by on the outskirts of society – but they will, at least, have the dignity of a marked grave. The 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire gives us pause to consider just how essential free burial remains.”

“Those best able to attest to the importance of workplace safety, modern building codes or, in our case, a free burial society, are no longer with us. As is said in Jewish custom after a death, may their memories truly be for blessing.”

Full article here

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