Hiring Jewish Electricians in the Community

For some families, it is important to hire a Jewish electrician, and that is entirely understandable. Fortunately, there are Jewish electrical experts providing services for those who prefer to hire them.

So how does one find electrician contractors within the Jewish Community? Fortunately there are online directories that point to contractors that employ Jewish electricians.

Hiring Jewish Electricians in the Community
Hiring a Jewish Electrician is possible in some communities in te United States. (Photo Credits)

In Toronto, Canada the website Jewish Pages provides a listing of Jewish-Israeli Resources to aid the Jewish Community who are looking at hiring Jewish workers and services, free of charge.

“We serve the local Jewish-Israeli community with referrals to services, products and information required for living in Toronto. We are proud to have been serving this special, ever-growing community since 1995. Our directory introduces businesses with services and products customized and targeted at the local Jewish-Israeli community. We publish a new updated directory every year and constantly update our website. Our directories reach over 200,000 Jewish-Israeli users across the GTA.”

Check out the directory here.

Jewish Electrician

The website Jewish Alliance for Women in Science published an interview with a Jewish electrician. The interview focused on the life of the electrician as a student, until she had her career.

“I work in a field where emergencies can crop up at any time and I need to be available. Before I took my current job I made a point of telling my manager that because I am frum (religious/orthodox) I need to leave earlier on some Fridays. I try not to take advantage of this, and I make up the time by coming in earlier than my usual start time Mon-Fri. As for yomim tovim, I am given the option to do overtime for comparable hours so that is what I usually use. If not, then I have to take off the days as vacation days. I do offer, however, to work on the days that my coworkers would usually want off, Jan 1, Dec 25.”

Check out the continuation here.

Finding a Contractor

The website The Jewish Journal meanwhile posted a write-up aiming to guide its readers on how to find the right contractor for the job that they have on hand. The guide is very much applicable for those wanting to hire Jewish electricians.

“While it’s fine to look at Yelp reviews, it’s better to get referrals from people you know. Neighbors who have done home improvements similar to what you need can be excellent resources. If any friends or family members are working right now with a contractor, ask how they like the work and get their contractor’s contact information, even if you don’t need a job done now. One day you may and you’ll have the recommendation handy.”

Take a look at the rest of the advice here.

Finding a Jewish electrician can also be done by asking the contractor himself if he employs a Jewish electrician in his team. If he is employing one, then it will be better to request from the contractor to assign the said electrician to one’s job order.

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