Mold Damage in Synagogues

As they say, molds are insidious and very damaging. It is just the aftermath of a bigger damage that may have taken place like a storm or flood damage, but it can be as destructive once it is left unaddressed

The Website Vos Iz Neias for instance shared how synagogues in Houston, Texas dealt with the flood damage that may bring about mold infestation into their respective synagogues.

Mold Damage in Synagogues
Even synagogues can sustain mold damage. (Photo Credits)

“Rabbi Steven Weil, senior managing director of the Orthodox Union, was in Texas this week, and spent part of Wednesday touring the devastation in Houston’s Jewish communities. ‘They are racing against the clock, getting the drywall and sheetrock ripped out because of the potential of mold,” said Rabbi Weil. “There was no way they could have prepared for this.  Seeing this really brings you back to Hurricane Sandy.’ Despite all the damage brought by the deluge, Rabbi Weil said that the silver lining to this storm is easy to see.”

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Molds and Synagogues

Sacred Sites International Foundation, meantime featured the Synagogue in Eldridge Street, New York which has been infested with molds and sustained water damage during its pre-restoration stage.

Sacred Sites is a foundation advocating the preservation of sacred places that are both man-made and those that emanated from the environment. They published the feature in their official website.

“There were prayer shawls strewn about, and ceramic spittoons on the floor…In the ark were thirty Torahs, in various stages of decomposition. The main sanctuary had been boarded up for almost forty years. Stairways collapsed, rain leaked through the roof and damaged walls and fixtures. Stained glass windows were broken and their leading had softened causing the glass to fall out. The interiors had been painted over, the plaster was delaminating and it was infested with mold.”

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Mold Damage Remediation

The Miami Herald meanwhile reported on the case filed by two synagogues in Florida against the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Synagogues are reportedly asking for assistance following the storm and mold damage that hit their synagogues following the onslaught Hurricane Irma in 2017.

“Founded in 1995, Chabad of Key West has about 200 members. Hurricane Irma left Chabad with roof damage and interior water damage that now requires permanent repairs plus mold remediation, the lawsuit reads. Both synagogues have applied for Small Business Administration loans, the lawsuit states, but nothing guarantees they will receive them or that the loans will be enough to cover all the damage.”

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Mold infestation can be very damaging. It is important to seek professional remediation help to restore the structure.

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