Plumbing Courses in Jewish Educational Institutions

Trade Skills Service Profession has been becoming more popular than ever. Members of the Jewish Community are no exception, as some of them have pursued service professions which include professional plumbing.

The Jewish Educational Trade School for Instance now offers courses related to this. Their Joyce and Stanley Black Building is in fact dedicated for this purpose.

Plumbing Courses in Jewish Educational Institutions
Plumbing as a career and profession is slowly gaining steam within the Jewish community. (Photo Credits)

“Plumbing Workshop — From installation to repairs, irrigation to Drain, Waste and Vent, this course will train students in various aspects of the plumbing trade utilizing a wide range of tools and materials. It will also cover working with drawings and pipe-camera technology.”

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Jewish Women in Plumbing

Jewish women are also starting to penetrate the field of plumbing. Haaretz featured the story of a housewife, who is now working as a plumber, breaking gender stereotypes. The 41-year old mother underwent 18 months of training to earn her license.

“Mutlaq, 41, speaks with a clear, strong voice and stands out for her detailed vision. She will open a storefront plumbing business, she tells the other women. From there she plans to sell pipes and other spare parts, and book house calls. She’s even picked out a name, Challenge, and a location in an up-and-coming neighborhood in this otherwise drab, impoverished city of more than 1 million people. It has been a challenge just to come this far in an ultra-conservative community where many women don’t work outside the home at all. Even Mutlaq’s children, who cheer her on from the audience today, fiercely opposed her choice at first. The coming months will determine if she can overcome the odds and turn her bold dream into a real-life business.”

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Jewish Plumbing History

To fully understand the Jewish Plumbing industry, it may be important to note the plumbing history.

Online Plumbing Supplies Store shared in their website, a brief history of the plumbing in Jerusalem. The article discussed how plumbing started in the country, and where it originated – even mentioning biblical personalities at that.

“The earliest recorded sanitary laws concerning disposal of human waste also are attributed to Moses and his teachings in the Old Testament. Circa 1500 B.C, his people are instructed to dispose of their waste away from the camp, and to use a spade to turn the remains under the earth or sand. Of course, in crowded cities, more ingenuity is required. Jerusalem’s water supply and drainage developed in stages from the ancient days, even prior to the reign of King David in 1055 B.C. Drains were built for removing sewage from homes and streets, while excess waste and refuse were carted out through the appropriately-named ‘Dung Gate’ of the city.”

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Plumbing as a profession is indeed gaining steam in the Jewish community.

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