Storm Damaged Synagogues

Catastrophic storms damage almost every structure on its way. Even Synagogues sustain storm damage that range from minor flood damage up to major flood damage that will require immediate and full restoration.

The Times of Israel published a report on the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and its impact on the Jewish community. The report mentioned that after being hit by Hurricane Harvey, the Jewish Community there has voted to demolish one of the synagogues in their area that have been inundated in seven feet of flood water.

Storm Damaged Synagogues
Synagogues can be affected by storm-damage too. (Photo Credits)

“United Orthodox Synagogues, a Modern Orthodox congregation in Houston that was inundated with seven feet of water during Hurricane Harvey, will demolish the sanctuary, offices and school wing of its building. The congregation’s elevated reception hall will be used as a temporary sanctuary space for the immediate future.”

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Heart-wrenching sight

The Houston Chronicle also reported on the state of some synagogues in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. They particularly featured what had happened to Houston’s United Orthodox Synagogues.

“On Thursday he stared quietly over his temple’s scattered, warped pews, and noted the high-water mark near the top of his lectern on the stage above. For now, the podium will go unused, he said, as he focuses on the physical, rather than spiritual, safety of his shaken community. That, too, has been difficult. The congregation’s rigid orthodoxy, he said, has created a close-knit community whose members are particularly reliant on one another. Gelman said his people have weathered previous storms almost entirely on their own, with those affected taking refuge in the dry homes of Jewish neighbors. But Harvey was different, displacing at least three times as many congregants than in previous floods.”

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Pouring of Aid from Unaffected Synagogues

Moment Mag for its part posted a feature write-up on a Synagogue in California that has sent aid and relief to synagogues in Houston that has been severely affected by storm damage during hurricane Harvey.

“Before the hurricane, the synagogues had no previous connection, despite sharing the same parent organization. The community in Beverly Hills wanted to help those affected in Houston, which prompted Dunner to reach out to Young Israel in Houston. The synagogue serves between 300 and 400 families. Most of them have been able to stay in their homes, and only a handful have water damage, though the damage caused a few to move out, Wender says.”

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Storm damage can indeed threaten any type of structure, and should immediately be addressed by professionals once it is safe to do so.

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