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The Number of Israeli Millionaires Increased by 43 Percent Last Year

“Israel is third in the world in relative growth rate after India, Hong Kong; Meryll Lynch defines millionaire as someone with at least $1 million liquid assets.”

“While the global financial crisis led to a 17 percent rise in the number of millionaires in the world in 2009, the number of Israeli millionaires increased by a whopping 43 percent last year, business consultant firm Capgemini and Merrill Lynch financial management advisory firm announced Tuesday.”
“During 2009 there were over 10 million millionaires throughout the world, holding together assets worth over $39 billion, while in Israel there were 8,419 millionaires.”
Will this type of economic growth spur higher $’s per gift in the Israeli non-profit sector?  I sure hope so as another recent Ha’aretz study points out that “Israelis don’t donate” .I don’t happen to agree with the statement that Israeli’s don’t donate.  I know far too many generous Israeli’s who give consistently to make that deduction.

That Israeli’s don’t give as much as Americans is up for debate in my book and that’s why I say I’m really hoping that this newly created wealth will lead to higher donation levels to Israeli non-profits by Israelis.
It’d make everyone feel like a million bucks!
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