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jakeberkman Jacob Berkman

Jerusalem_Post Jerusalem Post News Grad rockets fall on Beersheba neighborhood: Katyushas cause extensive damage, are first Grad launch since Cast …

kinbot Kinneret Bot
Hooray! The Kinneret rose 10cm to -213.5m, 50cm below the lower red line, between 20/2/2011 and 21/2/2011. #Israel
AndrewWheating Andrew Wheating
Make mistakes, learn from them, laugh about them, and move along.
JewishJournal JewishJournal
Uncle Leo! Goodbye!!
Philanthropy Philanthropy
More details on Obama’s plan to cut the charitable deduction in proposed #budget
hughhefner Hugh Hefner
A lot of people seem to be confusing Reality TV with reality. They’re really not the same.
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